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    Posted on: November 20th 2017

    Joss Arnott Curtain Raiser

    Saturday 18th November /Monday 20th November

    Highworth dancers were invited to perform within a curtain raiser for the Joss Arnott Company who had been touring their ‘Triple Bill Show’ across the UK. We took part in a whole day of rehearsals with one of the dancers from the company. We learnt technique exercises, creative tasks and were taught repertoire from the company’s current show. We created our own phrases to incorporate within the performance. By the end of the long day we had created a whole piece for the curtain raiser which only took us 6 hours! From this, we had discovered new and exciting movement material which we had not used before, which made the whole experience even more interesting. The piece was made of several dancers from Highworth as well as dancers from Hillview School for Girls in Tonbridge.  Working with girls from a different school allowed us to highlight our individual strengths within a large show piece. 

    On the night of the show we had travelled up to Crawley whereby we had time to rehearse a dance we had learnt in one day, and undergo the process of a tech run on the main stage, which we had not encountered before. Before the show, we had the opportunity to participate in the warm up with the professional dancers in the company. After we performed, we watched the rest of the show. Our involvement within the show heightened our confidence and gave us the experience to work within a professional dance setting. The company’s performances were powerful and intense and were extremely engaging for the audience. Overall it has been a very positive experience and if the opportunity were to arise again, we would highly recommend other dancers to get involved.

    By Chloe Ludow and Emily Wraight (Year 13 A Level Dancers)


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