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Why wear uniform?

As a member of the Highworth community, you will want to have a sense of belonging. Your uniform demonstrates this. It is important that you wear it with pride as you are showing those around you that you represent the school. Here are some reasons why uniform is important:

  • it is clothing suitable for the work you do in school
  • it puts you on equal terms with your fellow students
  • it encourages a pride and sense of belonging in the school
  • it makes you easy to recognise when you are out of school
  • it reduces the arguments about clothes at home
  • it is safe clothing for some of the practical tasks that you have to do in school

Why was this uniform chosen? 

We have chosen a uniform which is practical, inexpensive and suitable for learning in school. The uniform has been the same colour for many years but the style has changed to try to keep up-to-date 

How strict are we about enforcing the uniform rules?

Because we think uniform is very important, we are very strict about our expectations. We expect you to wear your uniform correctly. If you are not in correct uniform you can expect to be challenged, asked to comply with the policy and have this recorded on your uniform card.

If your uniform card is completed, you will be given a 15-minute detention by your Director of Learning and a letter will be sent home.

A second completed uniform card will lead to a 30-minute detention with your Director of Learning and a phone call home.

A third completed uniform card will lead to you being referred to the Assistant Headteacher responsible for uniform and a letter will be sent home.

What are the school's uniform expectations?

We expect you to wear the correct uniform and look smart at all times. Items of uniform should not be customised. We want to ensure that they remain the correct shape and style. If our expectations about uniform are not adhered to, we may sanction students accordingly. In a situation where a student cannot immediately comply with our uniform expectations, this may take the form of isolation from social time, or for repeated breaches we may send a student home.

The school’s decision is final on the uniform and dress code.

If for religious reasons, you cannot comply with any part of our uniform policy you should contact the Headteacher.

Do you have to wear uniform every day?

No. There are two special circumstances when you will be allowed to wear non-uniform clothes.

If you are on a school trip, different clothes may be more suitable for learning. For example, you may get muddy or your uniform may get damaged if you are on a Geography field trip. Your teachers will always advise you in advance if you need to wear your own clothes and give you guidelines of what is suitable for learning.

Seven times a year we have a Non-Uniform Day to raise money for each Learning Community charity. The dates for these are always published in advance in the school calendar. You can choose not to join in if you don’t want to. Jewellery and make-up rules still operate on these days and on school trips.

What if you cannot afford the uniform?

Help is available. Please contact your Director of Learning.

What happens if one day you have a good reason for not wearing the uniform?

Occasionally, students have a good reason for not wearing a particular item of uniform. It may be that you need to wear trainers because you have hurt your foot or your jumper has been damaged. If this is the case, you need to bring a letter from your parents/carers explaining the problem and how long it will last. Take this to your Student Support Manager who will issue you with a uniform pass. Then, when teachers ask you about your uniform, you can show them that you have official permission.

What if something happens during the day and an item of my uniform is unwearable?

Accidents do happen. See your Student Support Manager or Director of Learning who may be able to supply you with a replacement item for the remainder of the day.

Can you wear jewellery?

A watch and one stud earring in each ear are all that we allow. Jewellery can become a safety risk in practical lessons and can easily be lost or stolen.  For safety, jewellery must be removed for practical subjects. Other items of jewellery including bracelets, neck or ankle chains, tooth jewels, nose studs and friendship braids are not allowed.

Are nose and body piercings allowed?

Nose and body piercings are definitely not allowed for Health and Safety reasons. You will be asked to remove any nose or body piercings and these will be confiscated.  They will only be returned to a parent / carer.

Can you wear headscarves?

A black, grey or navy headscarf may be worn to respect religious observance.

Can you wear make-up?

It is unnecessary to wear make-up or false beauty products (e.g. false nails or eyelashes) for school and they are not suitable for a learning environment. You will be asked to remove obtrusive make-up and nail varnish.

Are there rules about hair?

Hair should not be dyed an unnatural shade.  In some practical subjects it will be necessary to tie long hair back if long enough to do so.

Uniform and PE

You will be required to remove watches and stud earrings for PE lessons.  As hockey and football are contact sports, shin pads are compulsory and we recommend the use of mouth guards for hockey.

If you are joining the Sixth Form

When you join the Sixth Form, you will be allowed to wear your own choice of clothes and there are guidelines on the Sixth Form pages here.

What are the rules about hats and coats?

Hats and coats must be removed once inside the school building. This is because they are outdoor wear and there are health and safety issues with wearing them in some lessons, such as Science, Food and D&T. Taking your coat off is an indication that you are ready for work and learning while at school. Staff will ask all students, including Sixth Formers, to remove coats while inside the building from Period 1 onwards. Students in Years 7 to 11 are encouraged to keep their coats in their lockers.

The school’s decision is final on the appropriateness of uniform items or appearance.


Fitted Jacket:   Navy Blue with school logo - branded item

Bedford Check - branded item


Navy Blue with school logo - branded item


Pale blue, long or short sleeved school blouse, with revered collar 

Jumper (Optional):

Highworth navy jumper with pale blue V-neck stripe - branded item

Outdoor Coat:   Navy or Black, not denim or leather. No hoodies

Black shoes with closed-in toes and heels. Heels should not be higher than 5cm

No boots, canvas shoes, sandals or trainers

Ankle Socks or Tights:  Black.  No patterned or footless tights. No leggings
Headscarves:   A black, grey or navy headscarf may be worn to respect religious observance



Natural colours only

Hair Accessories:  Should be unobtrusive, blue, black, white or grey

One pair of discreet stud earrings - removable for PE/Dance

One wrist watch

Nose and body piercings are not allowed for Health and Safety reasons

Make-up:   It is not appropriate to wear make-up or false beauty products (e.g. false nails or eyelashes) for school


Key Stage 3: Plain black T-shirt with small sleeves (not a strappy top).  Black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings (no short trousers, zips or emblems). Leggings must be thick sports material with no sheer/cut out panels above the knee.
Key Stages 4 & 5: Plain black T-shirt or dance T-shirt and black leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Leggings must be thick sports material with no sheer/cut out panels above the knee. Year 11 students will need a black leotard for the practical examination. Trainers should be any proper sports style, not fashion trainers, plimsolls, 'converse' or boot style.


PE Shirt with Logo Petrol blue/Navy with school logo - branded item
Skort:  Navy 
Shorts: Navy 
Sports Leggings: Navy or Black.  Either 3/4 or full length with no sheer/cut oup panels above the knee and no logos visible
Tracksuit bottoms Navy or Black. Plain with no logos
Hoodie Top with Logo: Navy/Petrol blue with school logo - branded item          
Socks: Ankle socks
Trainers:  Any proper sports style, not fashion trainers, plimsolls, 'converse' or boot style
Shin Pads:  Compulsory for hockey and football
Mouth Guards:   Recommended for hockey 
Base Layer Top and Leggings (Optional): Plain navy or black to be worn under polo shirt and skort/shorts 



Hair must be tied back if long enough to do so


All jewellery including earrings and watches must be removed


All uniform items are available from our Uniform Supplier:

Pages Schoolwear: Unit 13, Ashford Market, Monument Way, Orbital Park, TN24 0HB

Telephone: 01233 501300 

Non-branded items can be sourced from a variety of High Street shops and supermarkets.


Many parents/carers donate uniform to The Friends of Highworth and they run uniform stalls at events such as the Festive Fair in November. Second hand uniform is available at the school Reception and items can be purchased by speaking to the Receptionist.