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Studying Abroad

If you are a good generalist who can’t decide what to study at university, or you are an extremely talented sportsperson, then you should consider alternatives to studying in the UK. Choosing to go to an overseas university for any duration of your undergraduate studies will mean you get to fully immerse yourself in a completely new culture. You’ll experience a different way of learning, and different way of life, giving you new cultural experiences, and opportunities to develop and grow as a person.

Top 5 reasons to study abroad:

  1. It can be cheaper;
  2. Stand out from the crowd;
  3. Study at a top ranking course provider;
  4. Get international-savvy;
  5. Whet your appetite for adventure.

If you are interested, or would like any more information, please contact Mrs Ferris ( who will set up regular appointments with you to guide you through the different application process.

Click here for a useful UCAS guide to studying overseas.