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Clara Schumann CS

CS Staff Leadership

Director of Learning Mrs D Albert
Student Support Manager Mrs H O'Keeffe

CS Student Leadership

Community Captain Max                                                                   

CS Community Mentors

Mr D Dawson

Mrs J Constantinou Mr N Davies and Mrs R Wibberley
Mrs E Ashdown and Mrs J Jeffery Mrs J Thomas Mr S McEvoy
Mrs H Sansom Mrs M O’Reilly Mr S White

CS Community Ambassadors

Fahima Y8
Diella Y10

Biography of Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann (1819-1896) is considered one of the most inspirational composer-pianists of the Romantic period. Her father was a German pianist and he made her practise for two hours a day from childhood and Clara was one of the first pianists to play from memory. She married the composer, Robert Schumann and she was the main breadwinner besides bringing up 8 children. Clara was the first person to perform the work of Brahms in public and she has influenced all concert pianists since, through her emphasis on playing from memory and focusing on the intentions of the composer rather than showcasing the pianist’s technique. 2019 is the 200th anniversary of her birth.

CS Charity Work

2023-2024: FND Hope

2022-2023: Demelza

2021-2022: Tourettes Action

2020-2021: Samaritans

2019-2020: Kent Wildlife Trust

2018-2019: CS has a great fundraising tradition and we are proud of our trophy for Pilgrims Hospice Youth Fundraisers of the Year! We raised over £1,700 for The Dogs’ Trust.  Mrs O’Reilly walked the 115 kilometre Santiago di Compostela, raising £2,500 to provide a wheelchair for a paraplegic child to play wheelchair rugby.  A number of us also helped Ashford’s first Dragon Boat Race to raise £18,000 for charity.