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Online Safety


We recommend the following websites for help and advice about online safety:

Digital Leaders

"As Digital Leaders, we focus on issues to help people in Highworth feel safe and secure online. We support in many areas of online activity and can offer advice on anything from cyberbullying to misinformation.

Being Digital Leaders has increased our communication skills.  In particular, we have learned to collaborate with each other effectively to create materials that will increase the online well-being of others. This is a team role which has allowed us to develop our knowledge and confidence."

Click below for the June 23 Digital Leaders Newsletter:

Digital leaders june 23






The following guides have been suggested by our Safeguarding Lead and Digital Leaders:

Online Safety Tips for Parents of 11-13 Year Olds Online Safety Tips for Parents of Teenagers 14+ Year Olds Stay Safe Online (KCC)

Online safety 11 13

Online safety 14 Staying safe online

These resources are available from the National Online Safety website: