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Vanessa Mae VM

VM Staff Leadership

Director of Learning Mr B Mac
Student Support Manager Ms J McNally

VM Student Leadership

Community Captain Libby                                                             

VM Community Mentors

Mr D Brett Mr I Pickard Mrs R Roden
Miss E Wilson Mr J Pierce Mrs S Budnik
 Mr H Nancey Mrs N Spooner and Mr G Olaode Ms S King

VM Community Ambassadors


Biography of Vanessa Mae

VM are named after the British violinist Vanessa Mae. She began playing the violin aged five. At age thirteen, Vanessa-Mae became the youngest soloist to record both the Beethoven and Tchaikovsky violin concertos.

VM Charity Work

2022-2023: Rape Crisis

2021-2022: Dads Unlimited

2020-2021: Kent Cancer Trust. Friday 19 March was the VM Non Uniform Day. In order to raise some funds for Kent Cancer Trust, the VM Prefect Team made a Catchphrase competition for students to enjoy. 

Students in VM also did a range of sponsored activities and Miss Ventress completed her challenge of running a half marathon on Saturday 20 March to raise money .  She made it around 21.1km in just over 2 hours.

2019-2020: ABC – Anorexia & Bulimia Care

2018-2019: We raised £2310.20 for CALM. This charity was put forward by a student in JCL.  We raised funds by having our non-school uniform day, creating stalls for students to buy snacks and treats at, sponsored silences and a whole Community sponsored walk where students set a goal and walked that number of steps every day in June.