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Life in the Sixth Form


Sixth Form Management Team:

Head of Sixth Form - Mr Devin House:
Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Mrs Jennie Morton:
Sixth Form Manager - Ms Maryam Khalil :
Careers Manager - Mrs Laura Savage :

Students are encouraged to take part in the full life of the school. There are many opportunities to take on positions of responsibility, play a vital role in our vertical tutoring system or organise fund raising events for the many charities we support. The emphasis is strongly placed on developing the strengths and talents of all our students so they can leave Highworth as independent, creative and well balanced individuals. Our aim is to encourage the view that education is a ‘lifelong’ and not a ‘once and for all’ activity.  We do expect you to be engaged in a co-curricular activity alongside your academic courses and to participate in our A Level Mindset course.

As Sixth Formers, you are role models within school and as such, exemplary behaviour is expected of you. The published school rules and regulations still apply to you and failure to meet our expectations  will be dealt with accordingly. Events, positive and negative, are logged within our school SIMS system, and are able to be viewed by parents as well as staff.

  • Dress appropriately
  • Be polite and courteous to staff and fellow students
  • Smoking (is not allowed on the school site or at the bus stops)
  • Use appropriate language
  • Discreet use of a mobile phone in an emergency in common room or outside building only.
  • Respect your environment
  • All lessons
  • All Mentor sessions
  • All Focus Days
  • All A Level Mindset sessions
  • All assemblies
  • All meetings with staff
  • If you plan an absence, please inform staff concerned
  • All Supplementary Study sessions


  • Sign in or out
  • Complete planned absence forms
  • Leave the school site with permission
  • Inform the attendance officer of reason for absence


  • Meet homework deadlines
  • Meet coursework deadlines
  • Organise folders so as not to lose work
  • Use student planner so as not to forget work
  • Arrive prepared for lesson
  • Attend exams (internal and external)


Highworth School is a place of work, and as such you are expected to dress appropriately for work. We do not have a uniform in the Sixth Form, but we do have the following restrictions:

The following rules must be adhered to:

  • Hair is one natural colour
  • Clothing should ensure that midriffs are covered
  • Skirts and dresses should be at least mid-thigh length
  • Ear piercings are permitted
  • During the Summer Term, it is permissible to wear smart, chino-style shorts of at least mid-thigh length
  • Hats and coats must be removed once inside the school building.
  • Clothing must ensure that underwear is not visible

The items below are prohibited:

  • Torn clothing, including ripped jeans
  • Flip flops
  • Visible tattoos or piercings other than ear piercings
  • T-shirts with offensive slogans
  • Strapless tops.
Smoking is prohibited on the school site by law. You are not permitted to smoke at the nearby bus stops, or in your cars on the school site. Why not seek out some support from Mrs Patterson to stop smoking?


Year 13 have priority parking in the Gower House car park. Places may be available for Year 12, but you will need to get permission from Mr House. You will need to supply your car registration number and insurance details to Ms Khalil, our Sixth Form Manager. Please park making good use of the space available.

Driving lessons and driving tests:

Please ensure that you book your driving lessons and tests (including theory tests) outside of school time. Your driving instructor must be requested to pick you up away from the school site please.
Paid work outside of school: All research concludes that the more paid employment you undertake, the poorer your results. Please, if you have to work, keep it to an absolute minimum: a Saturday job or an evening a week. You are not permitted to undertake paid work within school hours. 

Mobile Phones:

Can be used in the Common Rooms/outside (for emergency) only.
Attending all Focus Days is compulsory. They are carefully planned and organised to enhance your curriculum.


In Year 12 you are expected to be in school from 8.45am until the end of the school day 3.35pm unless you have no timetabled lessons (including supplementary study) periods 4 and 5. You are not permitted to leave school before 12.35pm. Mentor Periods should be attended each day. If you have no lessons periods 4 and 5, you must sign out in the Library if you leave the school site. If you have no lessons (including supplementary study) periods 1 or 2, you should still be in school. Please sign in at the Library.
In Year 13, you attend timetabled lessons and supplementary study only. Attendance to Mentor Periods is compulsory if you have a lesson period 1, 2, 3 and/or 4, 5. The careers library is always available for you for private study.
If you are too ill to come into school, you must contact the Attendance Officer, to inform us on 01233 624910 or email   
Excellent attendance is expected!

Sixth Form Routine:

We have a 2 week timetable: Week A and Week B

Timings of the day:

Period 1 8.45am
Period 2 9.45am
Break 10.55am 
Period 3 11.15am
Mentor 12.10pm
Lunch 12.40pm 
Period 4 1.10pm
Period 5 2.10pm


There are separate Sixth Form assemblies, usually on a Thursday

Addressing staff:

Mrs Welch, Mr Donovan, Dr Coupe for example...not ‘Sir’ and no first names are permitted.

If you feel ill in the day:

Are you too ill to go to your lesson? If you are...then try and speak to your teacher before leaving. If you are too ill to travel home, you should go to your Student Support Manager. You need to sign out in the Library. Please inform our Attendance Officer, before leaving the premises.


Check your school email messages regularly, as important information is sent to you via this method. You may also contact staff via email. Begin with the name of your teacher, for example We may also use your mobile number and text you with important information. We will send out copies of reports and important school notices to parents via InTouch emails. Important school information is passed to you via your Mentor.

Supplementary Study:

You will have timetabled supervised sessions in the Library where you will support your A Level studies with private study. “I haven’t got anything to do” is NEVER true of an A Level student and the person who utters it has not yet comprehended the nature of study at Post 16 level. Although you may be up to date with assignments, there is always background reading, consolidating your notes and reviewing/revising your notes to be done.

Monitoring and reporting of your progress:

Please refer to the calendar to see the timing of reports and assessments. 


·         Co-curricular activities: please refer to school list.
·         Music Specialist School: Lots of music based activities to get involved with
·         Trips and Visits organised by departments
·         Large student management team
·         Peer Mentoring
·         Student Voice/Student governors
·         Community events
·         Co-curricular fayre
·         Alumni talks
·         A Level Mindset course
·         Student Voice/Student governor

And Finally...

Your Sixth Form time at Highworth should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We will regularly be asking you for your feedback and your views are  important to us. 
Make the most of all the opportunities available to you. Work hard on your studies and establish a good work/life balance.