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16+ Kent Travel Card

For the current Year 11 and Year 12 starting Highworth Sixth Form in September 2018, applications for students wishing to travel by bus are now open.

Applications can be made online at  Applicants will need to have all of the student’s information (including details of the establishment that they are going to attend), a passport style photo in the appropriate format and a credit or debit card for payment. Alternatively, print off an application form from the website and complete and return it with a passport photo and cheque or postal order (payable to Kent County Council) and send it to: Kent 16+ Travel card, Kent County Council, PO Box 441, Aylesford, ME6 9HJ.

As part of its review of the provisions for post 16 students, KCC have also reviewed the arrangements for the Vacant Seat Payments Scheme (VSPS).   For students who do not have access to a bus service but where there is an existing KCC school transport contract for a Coach or Taxi that has space on it, students can apply to make use of any spare seat to go from home to school.  Previously, seats have been made available at a cost of £490 per annum which was consistent with the Council’s old post 16 charge but from this year the cost has been reduced to £400 to bring it into line with the Kent 16+ Travel Card.  Full details of this scheme are available at;   

Kent 16+ Travel Card  

The card allows the holder unlimited bus travel in Kent (and on direct bus services crossing the county boundary, e.g. to Medway and East Sussex, where the card holder either boards or alights within the administrative boundary of Kent County Council) including evenings, weekends and holidays. 

The card enables students freedom to travel to work experience placements, seminars, out of school/college activities, jobs and social life.

Pass Types

By taking the payment direct from the applicant, the Council has been able to offer parents the opportunity to split the full year cost of £400 by applying for two separate half year passes costing £200 each, valid from Terms 1–3 and Terms 4–6 respectively.  Alternatively, students can still apply for the whole year in one go.  

In summary: 

16+ Travel Card Pass Type 



1st Half Year Pass

01/09/2018 to 01/03/2019


2nd Half Year Pass

25/02/2019 to 31/08/2019


Full Year Pass

01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019



Eligibility and guidance on further financial assistance 

To be eligible for a Kent 16+ Travel Card, learners must be resident in Kent (i.e. live in a household paying Council Tax to KCC, not Medway or any other authority), must be in school years 12–14 and be attending a recognised (by KCC) learning provider (inclusive of recognised apprenticeship schemes).  

When to apply?

Students can apply from Monday 4th June for passes valid from September 2018. The application must be received by KCC Public Transport by Friday 13th July 2018 to be sure of having a pass ready for the start of term.  However, applications can be made at any time of the year until 24 May 2019. 

Applications for second half year passes can be made from 19th November and should be received by KCC Public Transport by 4th January if students are to be sure of having their pass for the start of Term 4.  

Applications can take up to 28 working days to process at busy times of the year.  We do not refund bus fares so you will have to cover the normal cost of travel whilst you wait for any pass.

Where will passes be sent and verified?  

Passes will continue to be sent to learning providers for collection on the first day of term, or as soon as the pass is ready, for applications received at other times of the year.  

Will refunds be available? 

KCC understands that the circumstances of students in post 16 education can change more than secondary school children and we will therefore make refunds available for this scheme.    

Refund requests can be made to KCC as long as your pass is returned to KCC by Friday 24th May.  The amount due to be refunded will be calculated based on the number of full academic terms remaining minus a £10 administration fee.   Passes returned to KCC unused or not collected before the start of the academic year can get a full refund minus the £10 fee. A term is calculated as having a value of £66.67 based upon the £400 annual cost divided by the 6 school terms.   

For example, a pass returned to KCC for a refund during term 3 would have 3 full terms remaining and the refund due would be calculated as follows; £66.67 x 3 = £200.01 minus £10 = £190.01 TOTAL REFUND DUE.  

The summary table below applies: 

Passes returned in Term (between dates) : 

Refund Value Due

Not collected or returned before the start of the year 


Term 1 (3rd September 2018 and 19th October 2018)


Term 2 (22nd October 2018 and 19th December 2018) 


Term 3 (20th December 2018 and 15th February 2019)


Term 4 (18th February 2019 and 5th April 2019)


Term 5 (8th April 2019 and 24th May 2019)


Term 6 (No full terms remaining  


Passes will not be refunded if not physically returned to KCC, Public Transport. 

Highworth Grammar School does have a 16-19 bursary fund which may provide some financial assistance in meeting the costs of the card.  For further information and to apply for a bursary, please visit the school website and click on the 16-19 bursary link.  If you are eligible for a vulnerable learner bursary, or are eligible for Free School Meals, or you would like to apply for a discretionary learning bursary, please complete the application form available from KCC’s website, and return it to Mr Donovan at Highworth Grammar School by Friday 6th July 2018.  Awards of the bursary are not made until the end of September to allow for the application to be reviewed.

Please contact Ms M Khalil, ( Sixth Form Manager, Highworth Grammar School, should you have any queries about the travel card.