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Parking and Driving Lessons

Parking on site is not guaranteed. Cars are parked at the owners’ risk. Students must complete a parking contract and have their parking permit displayed in their car when they park on site.

Driving lessons must not be scheduled for any time when students should be in school. Any absence because of a driving lesson will be marked as ‘unauthorised’. If arranging a lesson after school, students must meet their instructor off site.


Smoking/vaping on the school site is not allowed. Students are asked to show consideration to our local community by not smoking/vaping at the bus stop or in close vicinity to the school. Any smoking paraphernalia found on a student will be confiscated. If students need support to help stop smoking, they should speak to an SSM or a member of the Sixth Form Team.

Paid Employment

Sixth Form and studying for A Levels is a significant commitment. Students are advised to think carefully before considering taking up paid employment and limit any commitments to a maximum of 8 hours a week. Students are not permitted to do any paid work during school hours, or to leave school early to do so.