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Highworth Staff

Mr D Beer Headteacher/German
Mr J Dodd Deputy Headteacher/Maths
Mrs L Perrian Deputy Headteacher/Extended Project
Miss J Clark Assistant Headteacher/Pastoral Curriculum/Biology
Mr D House Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form/History
Mrs J Morton Assistant Headteacher/Quality Assurance/Art and Photography
Miss C Timmins Assistant Headteacher/Pastoral Systems/Senior DSL/Geography
Mrs D Albert Director of Learning: CS/German
Ms A Archer Sixth Form Manager
Mrs E Ashdown English
Dr J Askew Science
Mr B Baker Student Support Manager: AB
Mrs C Banham IT Technician
Mrs H Bax Art/D&T/Photography Technician
Mrs L Baxter German
Mr T Bent Cover Supervisor
Mrs V Blundell English (maternity)
Mrs G Booker Director of Music
Mrs S Boulden Science Technician
Mr D Brett Deputy Head Mathematics
Mrs J Bridgland Sociology/Geography
Mrs J Brooks SEND Assistant
Dr M Brown Head of Physics
Mrs S Budnik Geography (maternity)
Mrs G Burns Receptionist
Mrs S Burns Finance Officer
Miss L Cassey Head of Physical Education 
Mr M Clayton History
Ms J Constantinou Assistant Head of Sixth Form/Science/Chemistry
Mr J Conway Senior Teacher/Business Studies
Dr L Coupe Outreach Coordinator/Science/Chemistry
Mrs D Cox Food & Nutrition/D&T
Miss I Crampton Science and Psychology 
Mrs C Cunningham Reprographics Clerk
Mr G Dale Head of Computer Science
Mrs N Das-Simmons English
Mr N Davies Music
Mr D Dawson Head of English
Mrs E Dodds Physical Education
Mr A Donovan Senior Teacher/Head of Science/Head of Chemistry
Mr R Doubtfire ICT Network Manager
Mr M Duncan Head of History and Politics
Mrs N Eaton-Baudains Art
Mrs L Elias Assistant Head of 6th Form/English/Media
Mr B Ellis Physics/Science
Mr G Ferris Director of Learning: EG/Mathematics
Mrs S Ferris Senior Teacher/Director of International Programmes/French
Mr G Foulkes Caretaker
Mr D Freear Director of Learning: NS/English/Media Studies
Mrs S Gerstlauer Head of German 
Mrs N Giles Student Support Manager: NS
Mr S Hamill Science
Mrs L Hewett Computer Science
Mrs J Hills Director of Learning:KK/Senior Mental Health Lead/Dance
Miss A Hodges Careers Lead
Miss R Hooper PE 
Mr A Hope Chemistry/Science - KS3 Science Coordinator
Mrs S Horvath D&T Technician
Mrs J Houston LSA (1:1)
Mrs J Jeffery English/Film Studies
Mr M Jenkins Science Technician
Mrs C Jones Student Support Manager: KK
Dr G Jones Science
Mrs S Judd Director of Learning: JP/Physical Education/DofE Co-ordinator
Mrs G Keel Medical Society Lead/Oxbridge Science
Mr D Keep Product Design/D&T
Mrs J Kemp Admissions Officer/Music Administrator
Mr P Kenny Art
Mrs E Kinch Finance Assistant
Ms S King Head of Art and Photography
Mrs N Kinrade Deputy Head of English
Miss P Knuckey Director of Learning: AB/Dance/Geography
Mrs C Kuit Governance and Compliance Officer/Clerk to the Governors
Miss J Leighton English
Mrs J Letts Data Administrator
Mrs E Levett Science Technician
Mrs A Loft Spanish
Mr B Mac Director of Learning: VM/Psychology/Sociology
Miss A MacCormack Mathematics
Mrs C Mann Exams Administrator
Mrs J Mansfield Student Support Manager: JP
Ms T Marsh Data Manager
Miss M Mason Administrative Assistant
Mrs J McBride Director of Dramatic Arts
Miss F McCartan Senior Teacher/Director of Early Professional Development/English
Mrs C McCarthy Senior Teacher/RE
Mr N McCarthy SENDCO/Science/Physics
Mrs S McCutcheon French/Spanish
Mr S McEvoy Economics
Mr P McLarney Assistant Head of Sixth Form/RE
Ms J McNally Student Support Manager: VM
Mr A Milne Head of D&T
Ms C Mishra Mathematics/Business Studies 
Mr E Moore Caretaker
Mr G Moore Senior Science Technician
Mrs J Moseling Head of Biology 
Miss F Moyse English/Media, KS3 English Coordinator
Miss V Murphy Assistant to the SENDCO
Mrs R Mussai Attendance Officer
Mr H Nancey Head of French
Mrs G Nevard Geography
Mr W Newland Caretaker
Mr M Niles Science
Mrs E Norman Cover Supervisor
Mr L Norton Physics
Mrs D Ntagengwa RE 
Mr E Nye Performing Arts Technician
Mrs H O'Keeffe Student Support Manager: CS
Mr G Olaode Science
Mrs E Oram SEND Assistant
Mrs M O'Reilly Head of Spanish
Mr S O'Sullivan English
Mrs A Owen D&T 
Miss Y Ozturk Head of Geography
Mr A Parker Geography
Mr B Parrish Music
Mrs L Patterson Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr M Phillips History
Mr I Pickard Head of Mathematics
Mr J Pierce Mathematics
Mrs C Poore Religious Education 
Miss E Pope Mathematics/KS3 Coordinator
Miss E Pope Senior Teacher/SMSC Lead and Pastoral CPD/Head of Religious Education
Mrs S Power Science/Biology 
Miss H Primarolo English
Mrs S Rayment HR Manager/PA to the Headteacher
Mrs R Roden Senior Cover Supervisor
Mr C Rogers Facilities Manager
Mrs H Rumsey Lunchtime Supervisor/Tea Person
Mrs D Samson Cover Supervisor
Ms H Sansom Science
Mrs L Savage Higher Education Coordinator
Mrs S Sharp KS3 Science Technician
Mrs C Shore Head of Psychology
Ms D Slater Reprographics Clerk
Mrs Y Smith Student Support Manager:EG
Dr C Spurgeon English/Extended Project
Mrs C Stafford Receptionist
Mrs S Strand  Art 
Mrs T Strange Assistant to the Designated Safeguarding Leads
Mr R Swinney Head of PSHE/Religious Education
Mrs J Thomas PE
Mrs N Vandepeer Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Wakefield English
Mr K Ward Mathematics/Economics
Mrs L Wells Examinations Officer
Mr S White History
Mrs R Wibberley Dance/PE/Mathematics 
Mrs S Willmoth English
Ms E Wilson Mathematics
Mrs L Wilson Finance Manager
Mrs A Young Finance Assistant