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For their own health and safety, it is vital that Sixth Form students follow all attendance procedures.


If students are unwell and not coming into school, a parent/carer must contact the Attendance Officer to authorise this. Students cannot self-authorise absences. If we do not receive contact from a parent/carer, we will email and/or phone home to clarify the absence. 

If students need to sign out unwell during the day, they must see the Attendance Officer and ensure they are aware before signing out. Students should inform teachers if they will miss lessons. Students need to remember to sign out before leaving the school site.

Signing In and Out

Year 12 students are expected in school each day at 08:45 and should not leave school prior to lunchtime, when they are permitted to go off site. Students must sign out when leaving and sign in on return.

Year 13 students are expected in school for all lessons and structured study periods. They should sign in upon arrival if not immediately going to a lesson. They should sign in and out when leaving and returning to the school site.

Supplementary Study

Supplementary study periods will be allocated to timetables to support Sixth Form studies. It is vital these are used effectively and they are compulsory. Attendance at Assemblies, Sixth Form Mindset sessions, Review Evenings and Focus Days is also compulsory.

Attendance Expectation

Our expectation is that students will have at least 95% attendance. When ‘unauthorised’ absence exceeds 5% we will write home to inform parents/carers.


Holidays should not be taken during term time. These will be recorded as ‘unauthorised absence’.

Appointments and Planned Absences

If students have an appointment when they are expected in school, they should collect and complete a Planned Absence Form. Proof of appointment or permission from a parent/carer will be required.