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Mentor Period

The central purpose of Mentor Period is to contribute to each students’ personal development across their time at Highworth, in line with the school’s REACH ethos. As part of the vertical tutoring system this will include developing each student's identity as part of their Learning Community.

Mentor Period is conducted on a daily basis for 25 minutes. Each Mentor Group is led in an activity by their Mentor, which follows a planned termly overview, to ensure consistency of student experience across each Learning Community. Students are expected to participate in these sessions as they would in any lesson.

Aims of Mentor Period

Core Aims of Mentor Period

Reflective, creative and innovative

To explore issues in the wider world in order to become more informed of relevant community, national and global events

Eager for life-long learning

To develop character traits that enable students to be resilient in the face of obstacles such as leadership, initiative, responsibility and problem solving

Aiming to achieve their full potential

To establish and re-evaluate ambitious goals of both an academic and personal nature in order to encourage self-reflection and self-discipline

Considerate, confident, independent individuals

To develop positive relationships with peers across different ages, growing the necessary skills to collaborate with and learn from others

Happy in a caring, respectful community

To participate in Learning Community and whole-school activities, contributing positively to the wider life of the school, and encouraging others to do so

Content of Each Session

The content for each session is part of a fortnightly theme, decided by the Directors of Learning. Students may also contribute to Mentor Period content through their roles as Prefects, Peer Mentors or as part of the Student Equality Team.

Themes will draw on broader PSHE themes of Living in the Wider World, Relationships and Health and well-being.  As indicative examples, themes may be based on: global awareness days e.g. World Oceans Day; school events e.g. anti-bullying week; supporting mental and physical well-being; our school’s SIRIUS Careers programme; promoting cultural diversity e.g. Black History Month or school culture days.

Mentor Themes for 2021-22

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6



Travel Time

Skills and Strengths

Social Action: Well-being for others

Operation Planet

Healthy Habits

Kindness, Consideration, Affirmation

Your Life Elsewhere

Gender Inequality

Ready, Steady, Cook!

School’s Diversity Week – Pride

Black History Month

Global Relationships

The world of work

Relationship with yourself

Feeding your soul

Summer Holidays

Take 2

(or 3)

Hopes for 2022





The Role of the Mentor

The role of the Mentor is to facilitate each student's personal development across their time at Highworth, in line with the school’s REACH ethos. Being a Mentor is a key part of our vertical tutoring Learning Community system whereby personal development is encouraged through learning from and collaboration with others.