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Clubs and Activities


KS3 Clubs (Year 7,8,9)

  Club Subject Day of the week Time Room Staff code Extra information
  Soulspace N/A Mondays & Wednesdays 12.45-13.20 M2 MBA (& more) Quiet place, relaxing music, some quiet games and creative activities, all years
Fantasy Writing Club English/other Monday 12.45 - 1.20 PAS2 ENY  
Tuned percussion ensemble Music Monday 12.50 - 13.25 PAS2 BPA Speak to BPA if you are interested
Flute choir Music Monday 3.40 - 4.30 PAS2 GBO (Miss Ovenden) Speak to GBO if you are interested
Guitar Ensemble Music Monday 3.40 - 4.30 G244 GBO (Mr Uden) Speak to GBO if you are interested
Indoor Rowing  PE Monday 12.45-1.20 Vink Studio  JBI  
Indoor cricket  PE Monday 3:35-5.00 Sports hall John  
Year 8 Dance company  Dance Monday 3:35-5.00 Vink Studio  PKN Speak to PKN 
Maths+ (STEP club) Maths Mon A only 12:45-13:25 C223 EWI Club for 6th formers interested in Maths beyond the scope of the A level course/preparing for Maths related entrance exams for uni
  Eco-club all years eco projects tuesday B 12:50-13:20 k303 SMC club run by smc+prefects
Tech Club Drama Tuesday 10.50 - 11.10 PAS2 ENY Tech Team Meeting
Maths Help 7-10 Maths Tuesday Lunch C220 KWA, AMA, CMI, EWI, JPI  
Physics and Engineering Society Yrs 12 &13 Physics Tuesday Lunch C233 NMC Student led club investigating Physics Concepts and Practical Investigations
STEM Club (6th Form) DT/Sci/Math Tuesday 3:45-4:45pm P103 AMI/DBR/NMC F1 in schools
String quartet Music Tuesday 12.50 - 13.25 PAS2 GBO (Miss Jolliffe) Speak to GBO if you are interested
Struing Ensemble Music Tuesday 12.50 - 13.25 G142 SBA Just turn up - string players of grade 2 or above
Highnotes Choir Music Tuesday 3.40 - 4.30 PAS2 BPA/SBA Just turn up - string players of grade 2 or above
Gymnastics and cheerleading PE Tuesday 12:45-1:20 GYM SGE/RHO Just turn up in kit 
Netball PE Tuesday 3:24-4:45 Courts DSA/SJU Come in kit 
Dance club  Dance Tuesday 12:45-1:20 Vink Studio  PKN Please come see PKN
Chamber Choir Music Tuesday 3.40 - 4.30 PAS2 GBO Speak to GBO if you are interested
  KS3 Drama Club Drama Wednesday 12.50pm - 1.25pm PAS JMC Drama club is run by the Drama Prefects. Lots of games and other Drama activities. You can bring your lunch.
Biology Society Biology Wednesday 12.50-13.25 C130 SHA/SPO  
Breakin' Club Dance Wednesday Lunch DS2 RHO Open to all, this session is for the training aspect of Break Dancing. Students will need to come to this club regularly to be invited to the Breakin' Hearts Crew after school session.
Breakin' Hearts Crew Dance Wednesday After School DS2 RHO Open to Breakin' Hearts Crew members - This will be for the students who come regularly to the lunchtime Breakin' Club. This session will focus on Performance.
KS3 Art Club Art Wednesday 12:45 P207 SST Art club will be run by myself and the Art prefects
KS5 Chemistry Support Chemistry Wednesday 12.45 - 13.25 C131 ADO/DBO/JBI/AHO/JAS  
Folk Band Music Wednesday 12.50 - 13.25 G244 GBO Open to all instrumentalists
Swing Band Music Wednesday 12.50 - 13.25 G142 GBO (Mr Brazier) Open to all wind, brass and rhythm section players of about grade 3 and above.
Trampolining PE Wednesday 3:35-5:00 Vink Studio  LCA Year 9 upwards 
Archery  PE Wednesday 3:35-5:00 Field  GDA  
High Pride Equality Wednesday 12:45-13:25 C223 EWI  
  KS3 Football Club PE Thursday 15:45-16:45 Astro EDO Working on our football skills through drills and fun games getting ready for Kent Cup and playing other schools in Ashford.
Asian Society Equality Thursday 12:50-13:25 M2 CMI Friendly group to know/share south asian society
KS5 Chemistry Support Chemistry Thursday 12.45 - 13.25 C131 ADO/DBO/JBI/AHO/JAS  
KS4 German support German Thursday 12.45-13.25 K 303 SGE/DAL/LBA Just turn up if you have any questions/ would like help with any of your German work.
Orchestra Music Thursday 12.50 - 13.25 PAS2 GBO Open to all orchestral instrumentalists of about grade 3 and above
Netball PE Thursday 3:35-4:45 Courts SJU Year 9 upwards 
Football  PE Thursday 3:35-4:45 Astro EDO  
Handball  PE Thursday 12:45-1:20 Sports hall EDO Year 9 upwards 
British Sign Language Languages Thursday 12.45-1.15 C223 ELP Sign Language practise and practise for signing alongside the choir with various performances as well as preparing for British Sign Language day 2023.
  Year 9 Photography Photography Fridays 12.50-13.25 P205 JMR Photo club will be run by JMR and the prefects
All-Abilities Society N/A Friday Week A 13.00-13.25 P101 MBA & BMA  
KS3 German ambassador craft German Friday (not every week) 12.50 - 13.25 K303 LBA The ambassadors will run seasonal craft sessions - probably once per term
Feminist Society Equality Friday 12:50-13:25 M2 CMI Friendly discussions about gender equality issues and preparing for the equality week in Mar 2023
Science Club year 7 - 9 Science Friday 12.50 - 1.25pm C124 ELE  
Fusion Band Music Friday 12.50 - 13.25 G142 GBO (Mr Brazier) Open to all instrumentalists
Digital Leaders Online Safety Friday 12:15-13:25 K224 MBR/LPA Yr8&9 The digital leaders will be planning and running online safety activities. We recruit at the end of the academic year, as there i an appreciable training period.
BasketBall  PE Friday  3:35-5:00 Sports hall AMI  
Badminton  PE Friday 12:45-1:20 Vink  LCA  
Dance club Mix 7 and 8 Dance Friday  12:45- 1:20 Vink studio  PKN See PKN first 
Economics support Economics Every day 12.45 - 13.25 C111 STM Students must make an appointment and it is first come, first served.