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Student Groups

We strive to ensure all students have access to the curriculum at Highworth and to that end make suitable arrangements for vulnerable groups.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

A small number of students have special educational needs or disabilities and are supported according to their level of need. These students still enter the school with a high level of prior attainment compared to the national average. Students with EHCPs (Educational Health Care Plans) receive individual support to ensure access to the whole curriculum, students on SEN support and Monitoring registers are assisted by a structured programme with external specialist teachers also involved.  Teaching staff liaise with the SEND department for an individualised programme of support and progress is closely monitored. If evidence supports, these students are allocated extra time in examinations assessment as part of examination access concessions. When concerns are raised about students with regards to a possible SEN issue, we will carry out an initial screening and review the student's performance and if an issue is indicated, will investigate this further.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Very few students entering Highworth Grammar School are at an early stage of learning English. However, if any need arises for students whose first language is not English, the school will identify and assist as necessary.

As part of International Learning Programmes, some Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to complete a professional two-day TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification and apply their skills to tutor younger students who speak more than one language.

‘More Able’

Highworth is a selective grammar school and most of our students are regarded as ‘more able’ as they enter the school with high levels of prior attainment at primary school. To ensure all students achieve their full potential we aim to provide high quality teaching that challenges, engages and inspires students to become eager for life-long learning.

It is recognised nationally that some children demonstrate exceptional ability in, for example, a range of subjects or certain subjects.  We identify the top 25% of our students based on prior attainment data as the more able students within Highworth Grammar School and these are indicated in the SIMs spreadsheets by a light blue colour.  Heads of Department are encouraged to reflect on this group’s progress when tracking and monitoring the entry of data. 

We also ask departments to nominate students who excel in academic performance for our annual REACH Awards.  These are used to track exceptional performance by students in specific subject areas and to encourage students to take leadership opportunities (Learning Ambassadors).  Contributions to Community and students who display commitment to sporting and musical pursuits are also recognised.

Disadvantaged Students

Highworth has a small percentage of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Like their peers, they enter the school with high levels of prior attainment and are provided with high quality teaching to inspire them for life-long learning. Our Equal Opportunities Lead tracks and monitors the progress made by Pupil Premium and Service Premium students and is keen to put initiatives in place that remove barriers to their learning, raise aspiration and motivation to help them achieve their full potential.

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