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External Career Guidance

In addition to our in-school Careers Lead, who is available for impartial and independent career guidance for all students; external career guidance appointments can also be requested. These are offered by a fully qualifed Careers Adviser from Education Business Partners (Kent), or EBP.

EBP is a charity which supports schools and students through: Curriculum activities, employer engagement opportunities, and impartial and independent career advice and guidance. Their aim is to equip young people with a better understanding of personal skills and their future choices.

EBP can provide advice on many areas, from careers exploration with those who are unsure of future aspirations, to specific advice regarding applications to college, apprenticeships or university. 

Students can arrange an external career guidance appointment with EBP by speaking with their SSM/DoL or Mentor, who will then contact Miss Hodges for a referral.

Impartial advice can also be accessed here from the National Careers Service.