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Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a tool to; understand the skills needed for certain roles; find employment in your local area; and understand how career sectors are predicted to grow or shrink. 

LMI helps to break down data related to careers. For example; descriptions of different types of careers; entry routes into those careers; salary information; skills needed to be successful in the role; qualifications needed at different entry points for the role; etc.

Students are introduced to LMI, and how to locate and understand the different data points, in KS3. This is then built on in subsequent years, so that students can make informed decisions about their future. 

Some useful recourses for exploring LMI that parents can use with their children are located in the table below. 

Resource How to use
LMI For All LMI For All allows users to explore different occupations and see relevant labour market statistics such as weekly and yearly average salary; projected workforce change and where these jobs might be located. 
Unifrog LMI data can be found on each Career Profile. To access this, use the Careers Library tool, search for a career, and scroll down to the "Labour Marker Information" section at the end of profile. 
NOMIS (Office for National Statistics) Search for Local Authority Profile, enter postcode or area, select desired section (qualifications, jobs etc) to view statistics. 
Start Profile LMI data can be found via the "Jobs that are in demand" and also via the Industry Job Profiles