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The Equality Policy

Highworth believes all people are of equal value and therefore seeks to promote equality of opportunity and inclusivity.  Policies, procedures, and practices must not discriminate, but may be differentiated to take account of differing experiences, outlooks and backgrounds.  We believe that this will promote good relations and positive attitudes between people forging community cohesion.  The school works to appreciate and respect the diversity of backgrounds and circumstances and eliminate all forms of bullying, unlawful discrimination and harassment.

This is an extract from the policy. The full policy can be found in the policy section of the website.

Senior Leadership Team Statement on Racism

The school embraces diversity and inclusion and does not tolerate discrimination or racism in any form.  The Senior Leadership Team are committed to reviewing all policies, procedures and practices to tackle racism. Our current review will ensure that promotion of equality is a central focus to inform training priorities, curriculum review, PSHE work and Senior Leadership Team assemblies.

Student Equality Team

Plans from last term to implement an Afro-Caribbean Society, as part of a wider Student Equality Team, are being actioned this term. Anyone wishing to suggest a new group to form part of the Student Equality Team should contact Mr Beer with their proposal.

The All Abilities Group

The All Abilities Group is an inclusive disability and neurodivergence advocacy group. Our aim is to change perceptions of disability and neurodivergence, whilst educating people about discrimination and prejudice that neurologically diverse people and those with disabilities face. Neurodiversity, in simple terms, means that someone’s brain works in a different way. A physical disability means that someone has a physical limitation which changes how they go about their day to day life. A learning disability means that someone may struggle to learn new concepts quickly and may need help carrying out day to day activities. These differences are not always visible and are often referred to as “hidden.” The All Abilities Group is a space for students to talk about their experiences with neurodiversity and disability (either their own or among their family and friends), whilst helping educate people. Our aim is to celebrate our differences, because the world would be so boring if we were all the same.