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Student Council


Highworth Student Council is an opportunity to seek and enact positive change in school on behalf of the entire student body.


Each Learning Community provides a student from Key Stage 3, 4 & 5 to form the Student Council. The Council, led by the Head Girl and Boy, will undertake School improvement projects on behalf of the entire student body. School Councillors will be able to develop their leadership skills at  the same time as improving the school experience for all.   

Student Councillors

Senior Prefect Team Representatives

Iyanu Mofolasayo
Terrell Thomas

Student Governor Representatives

Izzy Constantinou-Nash
Izzy Fryer
Liv Hennessey
Issy Moir

Key Stage Three Representatives

Chava 7KK
Lily 7NS
Amber 8AB
Mia 8CS
Tanisha 8VM
Emily 9EG
Grace 9JP
Olivia 9NS  

Key Stage Four Representatives

Charley 10AB
Evie 10CS
Amber 10EG
Sophia 10JP
Riya 10VM
Jenny 11AB
Kaia 11KK
Gemma 11NS

Key Stage Five Representatives

Zoe 12AB
Olivia 12AB
Yasmine 12EG
Holly 12JP
Grace 12NS