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Employer Engagement Opportunities

If you are an ex-student of Highworth and interested in joining our Alumni network, to support employer engagement events, or to reconnect with old classmates, please click here.  

If you are an employer, and would like to be involved in any of our employer engagement opportunities, please contact Miss Hodges (, to discuss more. 

Highworth Staff with connections to other industries, or previous work experience from outside Education, can contact to discuss relevant opportunities. 

Career Insight Talks

Highworth works closely with our Alumni, and other employers and employees, to offer career insight talks for our current students.

This year our employer talks will compromise a mix of in-person, and virtual engagement opportunities. For the virtual talks, Highworth has partnered with Speakers for Schools to stream their live Discovery Workshops. Our in-person talks will start be in Terms 3 and 4. 

Career talks are delivered by those directly working in the industry/job and cover; what the job role actually involves; skills and qualifications needed; best and worst parts of the job; how the students can improve their chances of success in the future; and a short Q&A. 

The careers we have scheduled this academic year are as follows: Virtual talks are in italics

Term 2

Screen Industries

9th November 2022

SFX, Hair and Make-up for Film

23rd November 2022


7th December 2022


Term 3


10th January 2023

Theatre and Performance

12th January 2023

Tattoo Artist

17th January 2023


24th January 2023

Visual Arts

25th January 2023

Civil Service Careers

31st January 2023

TV Series Editing

7th February 2023

Graphic Design

8th February 2023


Term 4

Research Scientist

21st February 2023

Games Design

22nd February 2023

Publishing and Marketing

28th February 2023

Health Careers: Therapeutic Radiographer

7th March 2023

Writing Careers: Strategy and Policy Development

14th March 2023

Corporate Solicitor

21st March 2023

STEM Careers

28th March 2023

If you would like to offer a career talk, please contact Miss Hodges (, to discuss more


Highworth Careers Fair

Highworth Careers Fair is a biennial event. We invite employers from local and national organisations to speak to our students, to increase their awareness about jobs, qualifications, skills and opportunities.

Our next Careers Fair will be held in 2024. Please contact to find out how to be involved. 

Further Education and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Throughout the academic year we offer providers multiple opportunities to engage with students, across all year groups, to increase their knowledge about academic, vocational, and technical education pathways. 

Our next opportunity will be on the 9th February 2023, where will be holding a FE and Apprenticeship Fair, for Years 8 to 10. We are looking for local and national employers to be involved in this. Please contact Miss Hodges at to find out more. 


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