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Rewards System

Positive Events

Positive Events are awarded to students in all years for the qualities they bring to their learning. They are designed to encourage students to develop approaches and attitudes that will lead to successful life-long learning. They are also given for contributions to the school community and commitment to learning outside the classroom, for example, through extra-curricular activities.

Every subject area has a list of what to do in lessons to receive an award.  A guide is displayed in the classrooms and provided at the bottom of this page. The following guide, regarding what to do outside lessons, is provided in every student planner to explain the system and clarify the links to the school aims:

Rewards system table

Rewards System Star

Students also have a Star Chart in their planner and need to colour in one bar of the chart when they are given a Positive Event sticker. The aim of the strategy is for students to complete a full Star Chart to show a range of learning skills. Students completing a Star Chart will be awarded a metallic Superstar sticker and a certificate to celebrate their success: students completing one star are Bronze Superstars; students completing two stars are Silver Superstars and students completing three stars are Gold Superstars. Gold Superstar students are encouraged to continue collecting stickers but will also access additional rewards, agreed annually with them as a team.

Additional prizes will be awarded in Learning Community assemblies for students and Mentor Groups with the highest number of Positive Events.


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Positive Events for Each Department 30th Jun 2020 Download