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Key Information

IT Services

Highworth IT Services provide the services, facilities, support, and training necessary to allow the effective and efficient use of modern technology to enhance the teaching, learning, and administrative activities of the school community.

IT Services also assess recent advancements in technology with a view to providing new and innovative ways of supporting the school's aims through technology.


Network Manager Mr Robert Doubtfire
IT Technician Mrs Carolyn Banham
Senior IT Technician Mr Ben Akhurst



The school has 2 all-purpose IT suites available, as well as dedicated suites for our Music, Product Design and Photography departments. There are also a number of smaller IT rooms and laptops are available throughout most curriculum areas to allow the seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning.

We offer a variety of hardware and software solutions across the school with the majority of our systems Windows based, using the latest Windows 10 operating system along with Microsoft Office 2016 and Serif graphic design software pre-installed across the site. The school also runs Google's Chromebook devices and there are now over 300 of them within the building to offer almost instant access to internet resources.

All students of Highworth Grammar School are eligible for a free copy of Office 2016 via our Office 365 subscription.

In addition to the above, every student gains access to unlimited personal cloud storage provided by Google in addition to our on-site storage. This also allows editing of documents from any internet enabled device without the need to own or install any additional software and additionally allows easy transfer of documents on and off site assuming the document is stored using the Google solution (free app download may be required for tablets and phones).

All classrooms are fitted with a wireless data projector and all teaching staff are provided with a modern laptop. This combination provides a very flexible tool for classroom teaching. A school-wide video streaming service is available courtesy of YouTube’s education filtering system to provide fast and safe access to learning resources while utilising our 200mbps internet connection.

The school takes its duty of care to the online safety and protection of students seriously. As such, Lightspeed internet filtering is in use site wide which ensures that the internet sites accessible are of an appropriate nature for education and blocks inappropriate content.

The school has around 650 computers for student use.


The school uses the Serif software package for editing purposes. A free, basic edition for home use on your Windows computer can be downloaded from and found under the free downloads section.