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Key Information


Admissions Officer: Mrs A Casse -

Sixth Form Admissions: Miss M Khalil - : for Sixth Form Admissions please click here

Open events at Highworth Grammar School for prospective Year 7 students September 2020

Highworth hold their open evening and morning yearly in October, this year’s dates are Thursday 17 October 6pm-8pm and Friday 18 October 9am-10.30am.

Kent Test

If your child is sitting, or may be sitting, the Kent Test for entry to Grammar school, you might be interested to know that the company who create the tests for KCC (GL Assessment) now have free familiarisation tests published on their website

Please click here 

Year 7 Appeals for September 2019

If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2019 you can appeal between 2 March and 29 March 2019 to guarantee that your appeal will be heard by 14 June 2019, please log your appeal by Friday 29 March 2019. For applications made in the normal admission round, appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.  For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 schools days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 schools days of the appeals being lodged.  

What type of school is Highworth Grammar?

Highworth Grammar School converted to become an academy school on 1 January 2011. We are a selective school which means that entry is via a pass in the Kent Test (for Year 7) or a pass in our Casual Admissions Entrance Exam (taken by Years 8 to 11 and by Year 7 after 31st December of year of entry).

What is the capacity of the school?

Our Published Admission Number (PAN) has increased over the years and is now 184 for our newest cohorts. This means that, from each September, up to 184 students can be offered places in our new Year 7. Places above PAN can ordinarily only be awarded by an Independent Appeals Panel.

In September 2015, for entry into Year 7 Highworth Grammar School offered over-PAN to 210

Yr7 (Sept 2019 Intake) - 219 (PAN 184 - opted to offer over PAN to 210)

Yr8 (Sept 2018 Intake) - 225 (PAN 184 - opted to offer over PAN to 210)

Y9 (Sept 2017 Intake) - 197 (PAN 184)

Y10 (Sept 2016 Intake) - 197 (PAN 184)

Y11 (Sept 2015 Intake) - 229  (PAN 184 - opted to offer over PAN to 210)

Sixth Form - 456

Procedures for Entry to Secondary Education (known as PESE)

Applications for a secondary school place (Year 6 into Year 7) during the coordinated round must be made to the home Local Authority (Kent County Council, if you live in Kent) using their SCAF (Secondary Common Application Form) or online process. Applications for September 2019 admissions must be made by 31 October 2018.  School places can only be allocated by the Local Authority, not the school. The exception to this is when a place is awarded by an Independent Appeal Panel and the school is instructed by them to offer a place.

The Kent County Council PESE coordinated round runs from June (when you register your child to sit the Kent Test) to the middle of April the following year, when KCC finish allocating secondary school places. Once this stage is reached, responsibility for admissions reverts to schools and an application to join Year 7 the following September becomes an ‘In Year’ application, even though your child is still in Year 6 at primary school. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to pass the Kent Test to be admitted to Highworth Grammar School?

Yes – we are a selective girls’ school and entry into Year 7 is only for students who have passed the Kent Test and been ‘G’ (grammar) assessed.  However, if your daughter did not pass then there is an appeals process (see below).

My daughter is in Year 6 and passed the Kent Test, what happens next?

You must submit your secondary school application (SCAF) by midnight on Wednesday 31 October 2018. Applications are by Kent Admissions Procedure for Entry to Secondary Education (PESE). The best way to apply is on-line at  If you want your daughter to come to Highworth, you should put us as first choice.

If you need help you should speak to staff at your daughter’s primary school or call the KCC Secondary Admissions Team on 03000 412121 or email  KCC will notify you on Offer Day (Thursday 1 March 2019) which school your daughter has been given.

My daughter sat the Kent Test, but did not pass, can I appeal?

If your daughter is ‘H’ (high school, rather than grammar) assessed, but you wish to appeal for a grammar school place here, you should name Highworth Grammar School as one of your choices on the SCAF.   You will not be given a grammar place by Kent Admissions on Offer Day, but you will then automatically have the right to appeal against the decision.  [Realistically, the closer your daughter’s scores to the pass marks, the more chance of success.  There are, however, always rare, mitigating circumstances which may be considered during an appeal.]

What is the procedure for appeals?

If you are not happy with the school place you are offered on 1 March 2019 and want to appeal for Highworth, you should complete and return an appeal form by 29 March 2019 at the latest, to the school, addressed to The Clerk to the Governors. The appeal form with guidelines on preparing an appeal can also be found on the school’s website on the Admissions page and at  

My daughter is in Year 5 at a Kent primary school, when will she sit the Kent Test?

The Kent Test (also known as the 11+) is taken in September of Year 6.  You must register your daughter for the Kent Test in June 2019 (whilst your daughter is in Year 5) to sit the test the following September. This can be done on a paper form (SCAF) but is best done online.  Advice and guidance is available from your daughter’s primary school. [Tip: Make sure your daughter works hard in Year 5 to produce very good work as this might be included in any appeal.]

What happens if my daughter is ‘G’ assessed but not offered a grammar school place?

If your daughter is ‘G’ assessed, this does not guarantee that she will be offered a grammar school place. If we receive more applications than we have places to offer, the school will apply its oversubscription criteria to determine which children it can take. [Last year all ‘G’ assessed students were offered a place at Highworth if they put us as first choice.]

We have moved / are planning to move to Kent after children have taken the Kent Test, how will my daughter be considered for a grammar school place?


My daughter did not sit the Kent Test, can she still be considered for a grammar school place?

If you live in a county bordering Kent or currently live elsewhere in the UK, but plan to move to Kent in time for your child to start secondary school in September, and you want to apply to a selective school, you should register your child to take the Kent Test as described above.

If you live close to the Kent border and your daughter attends a Kent primary school, she will be able to take the test in school with her peers. However, if your daughter attends primary school in a county other than Kent, the test will be taken at a venue in Kent the weekend after the test is taken in Kent schools. Once you have been informed of your child’s assessment you should use the SCAF supplied by your own Local Authority to apply for your chosen schools and ensure that you submit it by the national deadline (usually 31 October).

If you move(d) to Kent between July and March (after registration has closed) you should contact KCC IMMEDIATELY to find out whether your daughter can take the Kent Test late.  If you wish your daughter to take the Kent Test late, you should submit an IYCAF (In Year Common Application Form) to the school in March/April with a covering letter explaining that she has not taken the Kent Test. We will invite your daughter to come into school to take the test in May 2019, in time for the result to be known before the PESE Appeals take place. If she passes the test and we have places to offer, she will be offered a place according to our over-subscription criteria.

If you do not yet have an address in Kent or you live in Kent but missed the deadline to register your daughter for the Kent Test, you will have to wait until March when you are allocated a secondary school.  If you are not happy with the secondary school you are offered in March and want to apply to a grammar school, please read the KCC information at

Does Highworth Grammar School have a catchment area?

We do not have a fixed catchment area. However, our fourth criterion for admission is ‘Distance from School’ which means that the further away you live, the further down the ranking list you will be. [Last year, all ‘G’ assessed students gained places if they put Highworth as first choice.]

If I have further questions who should I contact?

Please ensure you read the information provided in the Admission to Secondary School booklet or visit the KCC website at

KCC Admissions team tel: 03000 412121 or email:

Highworth Grammar School admissions: Mrs A Cassé email:

In Year/Casual Admissions

How do we apply for our daughter to be admitted in a year other than year 7? 

For ‘In Year’ (known as casual) applications, an IYCAF (In Year Casual Application Form) must be completed and sent to the School you are applying for. This form is available from Kent Admissions by telephoning 03000 412121 or it can be downloaded from their website using this in year admission link along with guidance notes.

Please note; Highworth Grammar School does NOT require a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Kent Admissions advise parents to visit several schools to help them make a choice. By using the Kent Admissions Schools Database parents can find the schools nearest to them and access contact information in case they wish to visit them. It is recommended that you do this first as you can fill out an application at the school and in some cases this can save time. This is especially important if you have moved into the area and your child is out of school. If the school has five or more places vacant, they can fast-track the application, but by doing this you will be accepting the place at that school and cannot fill out an IYCAF naming other schools. You should fill out ONE IYCAF for EACH of your school preferences. On receipt of your completed IYCAF, the school will contact you to let you know if a place can be offered. If testing is required, as it is for Highworth, we will arrange this directly with you.

Your child can test only once for a particular year group and you have the right to appeal once for each declined place. We provide a test during Term 6 for any student wishing to test for the following academic year, to start in September.

What happens next?

We will write to you to acknowledge your application and inform you of the next casual testing date.

What does casual testing mean?

The test we use is a Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT3). Further information on this test can be found by visiting and clicking on the new CAT4 graphic. This page explains how the CAT is used to assess ability but is for information only - parents cannot buy CAT practice papers. However, the test is very similar in format to the Kent Test (11+) and the multiple choice practice papers for this test are the nearest thing you can buy for your child to practise on at home. There is a link on the GL Assessment website to buy 11+ multiple choice papers on-line, or you can purchase them from most large bookshops. Although the age range for the 11+ is 9 to 11 years, the format can be practised by all age groups as preparation for the CAT.  We usually test regularly (dates to be confirmed as required). 

If my daughter takes and passes the casual entry test, will she be offered a place at Highworth?

The offer of a place following a successful result in the test will depend upon a place being available in the appropriate year group. If we are fully- or over-subscribed in a year group it means the school cannot offer places and you will have to appeal on your daughter’s behalf to an Independent Appeals Panel. All students who have sat the casual entrance test and have been refused a place in writing have the right of appeal.  See below for how to appeal.

How do I appeal for an ‘In Year/casual’ place?

If you have applied for a place at the school and your daughter has been tested here, you have the right to appeal if your application is turned down, regardless of whether your daughter has been assessed as selective or not.

For In Year applications, your appeal should be made on the appeal form sent out by the school with your refusal letter. Prompt return of the completed paperwork will result in an earlier appeal date. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot appeal again for that academic year.

Each appeal takes approximately half-an-hour. All paperwork is photocopied and distributed to everyone involved in the process, so please ensure all documents are A4 and printed on one side only. Please do not label 'Appendix 1' 'Appendix 2' etc as this is done when the papers are collated. Do not highlight areas you wish to stand out; underline them instead, as photocopying and faxing renders highlighted sections illegible. The documents are copied in Black & White; if your evidence includes reports which use coloured scales to show achievement, you should add an explanation to the report or take some coloured copies with you to the hearing. Photographs generally do not copy well. Please do not use staples. There is no need to present your appeal in a folder or file, as all papers are simply held together for each appeal with one treasury tag to the top left corner.

Although you are invited to include all evidence you believe is pertinent to your case, please bear in mind the time constraints and restrict yourself to information which is relevant. When deliberating on an appeal, the panel takes into consideration whether they believe your daughter is of the ability to cope with the level of work required at Highworth Grammar School and whether the decision NOT to award a place would prejudice her chance of an appropriate education. They equally consider whether the inclusion of another student into that year group would prejudice the learning of the girls already on-roll. The decision of the appeal panel is final.

If an Appeal has been unsuccessful, is there anything else I can do?

If your appeal is unsuccessful, your daughter cannot test or appeal again for the same academic year. The Local Authority will offer you a place at an alternative school or, if your daughter is already placed in a secondary school, will advise you that she will remain there. You can appeal for any school you have named on your Common Application Form. The Independent Appeals Panel’s decision can only be overturned by a higher authority.

If you feel that the School or the Appeals Panel has not followed the Appeals Code (provided at the bottom of this webpage) procedure, you should initially contact the school. If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, you should refer to the Education Funding Agency (EFA), an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE).  More information on the EFA is available on the DfE website and their page on making a complaint about admissions appeals can be accessed by clicking here.

If, after reading the recommended documents, you still feel that you have a case against the Panel or the school, you should contact the Education Funding Agency by post to: 

Admission Appeal Complaints for Academy and Free Schools
Education Funding Agency
53-55 Butts Road

Earlsden Park

Tel: 03700 002288 

Or by email at:


Admissions Legislation

Please visit for current legislation and advice on both PESE and In Year Admissions