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Posted on: January 12th 2023

Modern Foreign Languages Conference

On Thursday 12 January, a group of Highworth A Level languages students were given the privilege to attend an MFL conference at the University of Kent. The whole event was engaging, well-crafted and most of all fun. 

The French lectures were extremely insightful and interesting. Being able to talk to people whose mother tongue was French was challenging and showed how vital it is to understand people in their own language. In addition, it was fun to learn about French culture - one of our seminars was called ‘Why French is like Cockney’ - and to understand the importance of studying a language for any future careers.

All of the seminars for the German students were entirely auf Deutsch, and covered a variety of topics, including the Austrian influence of Red Bull and history and culture in Switzerland. It was also very inspiring to be around other people who are studying languages and have a deeper interest in learning them.

The Spanish students found the lectures upon ‘el patrimonio cultural’ (cultural heritage) and about ‘el requerimiento’ (the Spanish requirement - a declaration by Spain to take possession of the land in the New World) both informative and engaging. They also enjoyed a lesson in dubbing films into Spanish and an introduction to the complexly wonderful world of Traducción (translation). The whole Spanish experience that day was incredible and espero que tengamos la oportunidad de hacerlo otra vez muy pronto.

Written by Ethan, Tina and Lea (Year 12 language students)


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