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Careers & UCAS

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At Highworth, the success of our students is regarded very highly and as such, we are keen to ensure that all students have access to advice, guidance and relevant literature to help them make informed decisions about their future prospects.

The careers library is a central point in which to find information either via the internet, on one of the numerous computers available to you or through the various university brochures and careers guides which are updated and maintained for your benefit. Mrs Savage, the Careers Manager is based in the careers library and is always happy to offer any advice and guidance you need. If you would like to see Mrs Savage, then please email her to arrange a time to meet.

The school has links with various outside organisations to ensure that the information and guidance available to students is as up to date and relevant as possible. With strong links to My Trust, advice can be given on alternatives to university and a whole array of other opportunities. Admission tutors are always looking for that certain ‘edge’ to set students apart. Any opportunities that arise will be emailed to you and posted on the notice boards in the common rooms and the careers library.

You will be kept informed of upcoming events and talks via email. These are arranged for your benefit to offer a greater insight into all that is available to you when you embark on your journey after Highworth. The talks may range from Oxbridge admissions tutors, university graduates, to the armed forces. It is important that you check and read your emails and also the notice boards in the common room and careers library to ensure you do not miss out on these to help you with your future choices.
Whilst it may seem like a very long way away, the university application process will be upon you before you realise! It is therefore crucial for you to start researching information on courses you think you may wish to follow, look into upcoming open days at universities you may wish to attend, and most importantly, work hard in your first year to achieve the best grades possible to you, as these will determine which universities will be available for you to apply to. Universities make their decision on whether to offer you a place with them primarily based on your predicted A2 grades.
Highworth offers support and guidance through the whole process of applying to university. In June you will attend a Higher Education Convention. This is arranged by the school and offers you the chance to meet with representatives from various universities and attend seminars on useful and relevant information to you to really get you thinking. There will also be a higher education evening in July organised for you by the school which your parents can attend to better understand the process themselves. 
In the meantime, here are a few things for you to consider regarding your future choices:
  1. Don’t approach it too narrowly; open your mind to many possibilities.
  2. Your A Level subjects are very important, but a change of direction is possible.
  3. Be at least aware of career possibilities.
  4. Do check that you meet the course requirements (e.g. Chemistry and Biology for most Medicine courses.)
  5. For some degree courses, most notable Medicine, relevant work experience is essential and should be planned well in advance.
  6. Dual, Joint Honours and general courses, while interesting, can be quite demanding, but obviously keep open more doors.
  7. There does not have to be a strong correlation between the degree course you choose and the career you find  yourself doing. English graduates can become bank managers and Chemists can work in the City.
  8. Ask your subject teachers what grades you might get at A level so that the offer grades are within your potential.
  9. The university. What sort of environment is it in and what sort of environment do you need? Size? Town? Location?
  10. Accommodation. Choice of where to live, when, relates closely to social life.
  11. You have much to gain from a good university course and it merits careful choice. Look at all the published sources and don’t be afraid to visit the universities direct.

Any general enquiries can be dealt with by Mrs Savage.