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Year 7 Appeals for September 2024

My daughter sat the Kent Test but did not pass, can I appeal?

If your daughter is ‘H’ (high school, rather than grammar) assessed, but you wish to appeal for a grammar school place here, you should name Highworth Grammar School as one of your choices on the SCAF.   You will not be given a grammar place by Kent Admissions on Offer Day, but you will then automatically have the right to appeal against the decision.  [Realistically, the closer your daughter’s scores to the pass marks, the more chance of success.  There are, however, always rare, mitigating circumstances which may be considered during an appeal.]

What is the procedure for appeals?

If you are not happy with the school place you are offered on 1 March 2024 and want to appeal for Highworth, you should complete and return an appeal form (click here) to the school via email to the Admissions Officer, Mrs Kemp (

If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2024, you can appeal if you are refused a place at one of your preferred schools on National Offer Day (Friday 1 March 2024).  You must submit your appeal before Thursday 28 March 2024 for it to be considered by Monday 17 June 2024.  Any appeals received after this time will be heard within 40 school days from the deadline, or where reasonably possible in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education.

For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 school days of the appeals being lodged where reasonably possible in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education.

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