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Posted on: February 29th 2024

Basketball Update

A fantastic second game of the League for our Year 11 Basketball team on Thursday 29 February as they took on The North School. Despite the slow start from our girls and the first quarter resulting in a 2-4 disadvantage, this did not deter them from revealing their true competitive instincts. Breaking through The North School’s iron defence proved tough, but the girls still managed to boost the score up to 6-6 by the second quarter. One quick team chat later resulted in an incredible comeback of 14-8, with Ava joining us in the third quarter to dominate the court. Spectators cheered the girls on by the sidelines for the final quarter, strengthening their play and keeping the energy up as Emily shot an impressive 3 pointer in the final few minutes of the match, leading to a sensational 23-8 win for Highworth. Well done to our team, and thank you to those who supported us!

Match report written by Sophie C 12CS



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