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Posted on: December 22nd 2021

A Level RS Visit

Do any Christians really live as simply as Jesus expected today?

Inspired by our A Level lessons exploring the impact of secularisation on religion, a group of us decided to reach out to the Bruderhof Community at Beech Grove, Dover. The Bruderhof community are similar to the Amish in that they are detached from materialism. They live a simple faith centred lifestyle with little technology except the basics used to run the community, factory, farm and school. We were warmly welcomed on 22 December and included in the normal routine which involved a communal meal at lunch in the main hall. The meal started with a hymn, which put our primary school singing to shame, and a brief biblical story of the birth of Jesus was read out while we ate (fitting since we visited so close to Christmas!).

This visit was a good opportunity for us, as Year 13 RS students, to visit this religious community who live and work together as a collective.


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