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Posted on: July 5th 2021

YouCreate Competition

Two of our students, Rubina (Year 12) and Mia (Year 12) have been shortlisted for the annual creative YouCreate Competition.

Their work is currently being displayed on the UCA website along with the rest of the shortlisted entries, and they are in the running to win one of the top prizes.

There is a ‘Public Vote’ prize available too and if you would like to cast their vote for them or any other artworks, you can do so online.


‘The Unity of Dance’ by Mia  
I wanted to create a piece of artwork which showed how I felt about culture; I believe that culture is what defines us not our race, gender or sexuality. I decided to show my representation of cultures through dance as dance is something that in fact connects cultures all around the world, even though they perform different movements, wear different outfits or play different music, it still is DANCE.  

‘Fariya’ by Rubina  
A ‘fariya’ is a traditional Nepalese skirt, often worn when performing dances. This particular skirt I’ve drawn is my own fariya, which I got when I was young, from Nepal. Ever since I received it, I’ve worn it for almost all of my performances so it’s become a really important part of me. I want to showcase one of the many sides of Nepalese culture that I’m proud of, which is the clothing. I did my piece using coloured pencil. This is only one part to a series that I’m currently working on, which presents traditional Nepalese attire.

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