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Posted on: May 28th 2021

Religion and WorldViews Competition Winners

Why does an education in Religion and Worldviews (R&W) matter?

We are pleased to announce that two of our Sixth Form students are among the winners in a contest to explore the role of understanding religious and non-religious views.

Ella Heitman and Jess Stubbs have overcome stiff competition to win one of
the top prizes in the Key Stage 5 category in a national blog contest on the role and
significance of an education in Religion and Worldviews.

Over two hundred young people, including ten other Highworth students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, submitted entries to the inaugural school blog competition run by charitable foundation Culham St Gabriel’s Trust. Teachers from all school types across the country asked their pupils why an education in religious and non-religious worldviews matters.

Among the blog entries, pupils cite the role of religious education in helping understand
diversity in the modern world and in providing vital preparation for today’s complex society. They highlight respect and empathy as key values the subject encourages, as well as the ability to recognise and stop prejudice and discrimination, adapt to societal changes, and celebrate diversity.

Kathryn Wright, CEO of Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, said: “We’ve seen pupils from all ages explore how the study of Religion and Worldviews not only brings a real and authentic understanding of the lived experience of being religious or non-religious, but how it can unlock much more. It can spark curiosity and free-thinking, empower and open doors of communication, while helping pupils understand diversity and navigate modern society”.

The blogs were judged on criteria such as the ability to make an original or fresh viewpoint, demonstrate a unique and creative writing style, and explain the impact of studying Religion and Worldviews beyond the classroom.

The winning entries are being published on the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust website
throughout the month of May. A full list of the winners and highly commended entries can be found here:

We are immensely proud of all of the entries submitted by our students and have been particularly proud to see the passion that they have for learning this subject.

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