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Covid 19 FAQs

Current Guidance

We ask that you continue to support the school and follow the NHS advice provided here

It is still important that students maintain good hygiene practices. 

How can I contact the school?

Please contact us if you have any questions. You can contact the office by email:

If you wish to notify the school of a positive case, please contact:


Can I have more information on home testing?

Do I need to give consent?

Students and parents do not need to give additional written consent to take part in the home testing programme. 

Can my child take the test themselves?

Students aged 18 and over should do the test themselves and report the result, with help if they need it.

Students aged 12-17 should do the test themselves with adult supervision. The adult may help the student to take the test if they need support.

Students aged 11 must be tested by an adult and the adult must report the result.

How do I report problems or issues with testing?

If there is an issue with the test kit, for example something is missing, please report it by calling 119 and please also tell the school.

If an accident or injury happens whilst using the test kit, please seek medical care by calling 111 (or 999 if it is an emergency). Please also report what happened using this website:

What type of tests will be used?

We will be sending home Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests. They are a fast and simple way to test people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19, but who may still be spreading the virus. 

The tests are easy to use and give results in 30 minutes. Further information:

Are LFD tests accurate?

Lateral Flow Devices identify people who are likely to be infectious. These individuals tend to spread the virus to many people and so identifying them through this test is important. 

These tests have been widely and successfully used to detect COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals and are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The speed and convenience of the tests supports the detection of the virus in asymptomatic individuals, who would not otherwise have got tested. 

The tests are highly specific, with low chance of false positives. They are also very sensitive and are able to identify the majority of the most infectious yet asymptomatic individuals. Extensive evaluation has been carried out on the tests and it shows that they are both accurate and sensitive enough to be used in the community for screening and surveillance purposes. 

It is important to remember that these tests area only an aid to help stop the spread of the virus and students should continue to follow other guidance such as on wearing face coverings and social distancing. 

How are LFD tests different to PCR tests?

There are 2 main types of test to check if you have coronavirus:

  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests check for the genetic material (RNA) of the virus in the sample - you send the sample for processing at a lab
  • lateral flow device (LFD) tests detect proteins called ‘antigens’ produced by the virus. LFD tests give rapid results, in 30 minutes after taking the test.

Can I or someone else in my household use a test kit sent home from school?

No, however whole families and households with primary school, secondary school, and college age children, including childcare and support bubbles, will be able to test themselves twice every week from home. This testing can be accessed through the following channels:

  • get a rapid test at work, through workplace testing. Ask your employer for more information.
  • attend a test site to get tested where you will be able to see how to take the test or pick up tests to do at home (you can find your nearest test site via the postcode checker or check your local council website).
  • collect tests to do at home, find your nearest collection site COVID Test Finder (

If these options are not possible, there will be a supply of rapid tests for order online for people who need them the most. More information can be found on

There is more information available about testing for households and bubbles of students.

How will personal information and test results be shared?

When your child takes a Lateral Flow test, you need to report the result. This is so that their test result can be traced, which means that you need to share some information about your child.

You need to tell the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC):

  • your child’s name
  • your child’s test result
  • the reference number on the test Kit

You will also need to tell the school their test result. 

Under UK law, the school can collect and store test result data because it is in the ‘public interest’. This means that your child’s data helps us to stop the spread of the virus, and to keep your children in school. For example, we will tell your child to self-isolate if they get a positive test result.

Schools and colleges will only share information with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) if the test kits used are found to be faulty. If this happens, DHSC will use our information to contact people who used the faulty tests, so that they can be tested again. This will ensure that testing is accurate and helps keep us all safe.

When you report test results online, you are sharing information with DHSC. They may share the information with your GP, local government, NHS, and Public Health England. This is so that they can offer your family health services and guidance if your child needs to self-isolate. They might also use your child’s data anonymously (without their name or contact information) to research COVID-19, and improve our understanding of the virus.


How can I access symptom free testing for the household?

You may be aware that the government has also announced that, in addition to the regular testing of school staff (at home) and students (3 tests in school and then home testing), the members of households, childcare or support bubbles of school staff and students can now obtain regular home tests as well if they wish.  The test kits are available to collect or you can order tests online.  The details released are as follows:

Where are the test kit collection points?

You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Each pack contains 7 tests. Anyone 18 or over can collect.

You can check online if the location is open or busy before you go. You do not need to make an appointment. Here is the link: Find your nearest home test kit collection point.

The site may be used to test people with coronavirus symptoms outside these times and so you are asked not to visit outside opening hours.

How do I order home test kits online?

If you are unable to go to a test site or collect test kits, you can order a home test kit online using this link: Order rapid lateral flow home test kits

There is a request for people not to order online if there is an alternative method to access tests to free up home delivery for those who need it most.

Where are the symptom free testing sites?

There are also numerous local symptom free testing sites which are available to everyone in the community. The ones in Ashford are as follows:

  • Ashford North Youth Centre, Mabledon Avenue, TN24 8BJ
  • Unit 1 Eurogate Business Park, Thomson Road, Ashford TN24 8XW

You can book using this link:  


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