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Covid 19 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 

We understand that many of you will have questions about the reopening of school in September and have compiled a list of potential questions:

What is a Year Group bubble?

A bubble is formed by a whole Year Group. You will be able to mix within the bubble for lessons so that you can continue with your normal curriculum. Mentor Period has become a Year Group Tutor Group. 


How are lessons changing?

We are running a mostly unchanged curriculum.  However due to zoning, access to specialist rooms will be reduced. We have kept a number of specialist rooms available for use and priority for these will be given to examination classes. These rooms will be used by different Year Groups so additional cleaning routines will be in place.


When does the school open and close?

You should arrive no earlier than 7.45am. If you are staying after 3.35 pm, you should remain in your Period 5 classroom. You should leave the school building by 4.00pm to allow for additional cleaning to take place at the end of the day.  You should not be on site after this time unless by prior arrangement.  


What are the timings of the day?

The timings of the day are available by clicking here.


Can I cycle to school?

Yes. You are allowed to cycle to school.  The bicycle sheds are in the Quantock Drive end of school.  If this is not in your zone, please drop off your bicycle and then proceed to your entrance around the front of the school along Maidstone Road, or via the Field. 


Which car park do we use?

  • Maidstone Road (Gower) Years 7, 8, 9 and 12
  • Quantock Drive Years 10, 11 and 13


Can I get dropped off with my sibling?

Yes. If your sibling has an entrance at the other end of the school, please proceed to your entrance around the front of the school along Maidstone Road, or via the Field.


Which entrance do I use?

Y7 Maidstone Road, use the front Kingsdown building entrance, to access the top floor
Y8 Maidstone Road, use the rear Kingsdown building entrance, to access the middle floor
Y9 Maidstone Road, use the Gower House side gate, to access Gower House or the Kingsdown ground floor using the door by the PAS
Y10 Quantock Drive, use the rear Pym building entrance, to access the top floor
Y11 Quantock Drive, use the student entrance, to access the top floor of the central building
Y12 Maidstone Road, use the Hall fire exit doors, walking towards the PAS and Hub to access the main corridor 
Y13 Quantock Drive entrance, using the rear door near the Gym to access the Sixth Form study areas

Check your emails for detailed information for your Year Groups and your Tutor Rooms.


Where do I go at the start of the day?

During normal term time, you should go directly to your Period 1 classroom using your allocated entrance to the school building. 


Will I have to wear school uniform?

Yes. You are expected to wear normal school uniform and you will be given a lanyard to identify your Year Group. Please remember that you are only allowed a watch and one stud earring in each ear, no nose and body piercings and hair should remain a natural colour. Make up, nail varnish and false beauty products are not allowed.


What equipment do I need to bring each day?

Please only bring essential items to school for learning. There will be no access to lockers, so only bring what you carry in a bag.  You will need your books for the lessons each day, stationery items, your Student Planner and any other subject specific items.  GCSE and A Level students might like to consider using a working folder and keeping bigger files at home.  It might be useful to have a dry wipe pen for some lessons but your teachers will give you guidance. You may want to bring your own sanitiser and you are encouraged to bring a face mask.


Do I have to wear a face mask? 

Given recent government announcements regarding the wearing of face masks in school, we would expect you to wear face masks in communal areas and corridors. Please note that face coverings are mandatory on public transport. Should you have reusable masks, then you must bring your own small sealable plastic bag to store these throughout the day. You must not touch the front of the covering during use or removal.  You should wash your hands or use sanitiser before and after removing the mask.  Bins will be provided for disposable face masks. 


Can I have my phone with me?

The normal mobile phone policy still applies.


What should I do if I am late?

Go directly to your lesson to be signed in by your class teacher. Use the outside of the building and do not walk through other zones.


What happens if I have an appointment during the school day?

If you have an appointment, you will need to sign out at Reception as normal. To get to Reception, you will need to walk outside and around the main building, avoiding any internal corridors that are not in your designated Year Group zone. 


Where can I get food?

We have introduced a number of Hub outlets around the school for takeaway food only during break and lunchtime. Each Year has been designated one of these outlets if you wish to purchase food or drink:

Year 7 Hub

Year 8 Hub

Year 9 Hub

Year 10 Hall

Year 11 Hall

Year 12 Hub

Year 13 Hall


What food will be available?

The autumn menu and autumn grab & go menu are attached at the bottom of this page.


How will I pay for food?

You will be issued with a contactless card which will be used instead of the fingerprint recognition setup in the Hub. Accounts will still be topped up via WisePay.


What is going to happen at break and lunch?

At break and lunch, you will be able to use the toilets in your designated zones and visit your food outlet. If it is dry, you will go outside to your designated area on the field/tennis courts.


What happens if it rains?

If you are in Years 7, 8, 9 or 10 and it is raining at break, you will use your Period 2 classroom.  If you are in Years 11, 12 or 13 and it is raining at break, you will use your Tutor Rooms. If it is raining at lunch, you will remain in your Tutor Rooms.


Can I leave school during break times if I am a Sixth Form student?

You must stay on site from arrival until after your last lesson if you are a Sixth Form student. If you are in Years 12 and 13, you do not need to be in school until your first lesson and may leave school after your last lesson.


Which toilets can I use?

You must use the toilets in your Year Group zone only. 


What is going to happen at Tutor Period?

Your Tutor Period will have similar content to Mentor Period with opportunities to reflect on your learning, to discuss wider-learning topics, to complete competitions and to have remote assemblies. Your Tutor Group will consist of your Learning Community class and your Tutor will be a member of staff from your Learning Community.


Where is my Tutor Room?

Tutor rooms


What is happening about PE and Dance lessons?

PE and Dance lessons will continue to take place where possible. On the days you have a PE or Dance lesson, you will need to come to school in your PE kit (for both PE and Dance) and go to the designated area to be registered and escorted to the activity area. You will stay in your PE kit all day. 


What are the changes to the PE kit?

Skorts/Leggings: You will not be allowed to wear skorts without Highworth base layer leggings underneath. If you do not have Highworth PE kit base layer leggings, you may, as a temporary measure, wear either plain black/navy thick 'athletic' leggings (3/4 or full length) on their own, or plain black/navy 'fashion' leggings under your skort. Polo shirts and hoodies must always be worn full length over leggings and not tucked in or tied up.

Rain Jackets: As most lessons will now take place outside in all weather conditions, you will be allowed to bring your own waterproof/rain jacket to wear in PE lessons. You should have this with you at all times, as weather conditions can change rapidly and we do not want you to have to spend the day in a wet PE kit. Jackets should be thin and preferably waterproof and for safety reasons remain fastened throughout the lesson. 


Will I still get homework?

Yes. We are not envisaging a change to the homework timetable. You may see an increase in tasks to be submitted online.


Are there any extracurricular activities?

Sadly, extracurricular activities are currently suspended.


How do I access support from my SSM or DoL?

SSMs and DoLs will still be able to support you pastorally and academically. There will be an SSM or DoL on duty in your school zone for any emergency support issues during break and lunch. However, in most instances you will need to email your SSM or DoL directly to discuss your needs further.


Can I meet up with friends in other Year Groups?

No. We are operating a Year Group bubble system.  This means that you will be able to see other students in your Year Group as you will be in the same zones at school.  You will not be able to move to other zones within or outside the school building to see students from other Year Groups.


Can I refill my water bottle?

You should bring enough water for the school day or purchase additional water from your Hub outlet.


What will happen at the end of the school day?

  • Those travelling on foot in Years 9,10 & 12 will be dismissed at 3.10pm.

  • Those travelling on foot in Years 8 & 11 will be dismissed at 3.20pm.

  • Years 7 & 13 and those being collected by car will be dismissed at 3.25pm.

  • If you are catching a bus home from a bus stop directly outside of the school, you will remain in your Period 5 classroom until 3.35 when you will be dismissed and move to your allotted waiting area at your bus stop.

These measures are necessary to avoid congestion on and around the school premises at the end of the school day.


What are the arrangements for travelling by bus?

School services will be running as usual with a reduced capacity. Please note that you will have to wear a face mask on public transport and change will not be given on Stagecoach buses. Tickets can be purchased on the Stagecoach app or website and you can still use your bus pass or the exact change. School services will be running as usual with a reduced capacity but public bus services will be shadowed by another bus running behind to provide back-up capacity if needed. The most recent Stagecoach updates can be checked on their website:


How will the school be cleaned?

Additional cleaning staff are on site during the day and we have increased the regularity of cleaning of commonly used areas and surfaces. Rooms that are in use by multiple groups will be cleaned between sessions. 


What will happen if someone tests positive for coronavirus?

If you feel ill with coronavirus symptoms, then you should not come into school. If you feel ill with coronavirus symptoms on site, then we have procedures for isolation and will arrange for you to be collected. Should we have a positive case in the school community, then we will follow the guidance from Public Health England.


What if I have further questions?

You can ask your teachers in school if you have any further questions. All arrangements are subject to change as we respond to local and national guidance but you will be updated. Any additional questions can be sent to



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