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Covid 19

Frequently Asked Questions 

Following government guidance students are encouraged to avoid travel by public transport wherever possible. Please note that from 15 June, face coverings will be mandatory on public transport.

Arrival (by Car)
Please check carefully with the proposed timetable to ensure you know the correct drop time and location, there are different car parks for different groups of students.
Where possible only one parent/carer should attend.
Please park in alternate spaces and remain in your vehicle.
Please do not mix with other adults and minimise the time on site.

Arrival (Walk or Cycle)
We encourage students who are walking or or cycling to continue to social distance to and from school. If you are walking and due to arrive in the Gower House car park, please continue along the Maidstone Road.

Arrival (by Bus)
From the information we have gathered to date local public bus services will be running a normal non school day timetable.


Many services are running a normal non school day service. For more information visit
For safety advice -

125 (Kent Coach Tours) - Normal week day service [Note: HS10, HS4 and WS2 are not running]

Scotland and Bates
We have been in contact and they will be in touch with families directly. We understand that some of you have already contacted Scotland and Bates.

Why are you starting with small numbers of students?
Government guidance is that we should have no more than 25% of Year 10 and 25% of Year 12 on site at any time in addition to students of key workers. We need to ensure that our policies and procedures are working to ensure we maintain the safety of our students, staff and the wider community. 

How will you maintain social distancing?
As students enter and exit the school they will be reminded to maintain social distancing. There will also be signs and markings on the floor to maintain the 2m gap.
Students will be asked to arrive at a specific car park at a specific time and directed to one of our zoned areas.
In class there will be a maximum of 15 students and chairs will be arranged to maintain a 2m gap.

How will you avoid students mixing?
We will create groups of 15 students who will be together in a ‘bubble’ and stay in these groups for each session each time they are in school. These ‘bubbles’ are using different zones of the school with separate entrances, facilities and areas of the field to avoid mixing.

What work will students be doing?
Online learning will continue to be the main channel for providing work for students. In that way we do not disadvantage students who remain at home. Whilst in school students will be able to ask questions of staff and allay any concerns they have about recent or current work. Students will be able to participate in online learning and are advised to bring headphones with them. 
In Year 10 the focus will be on Core subjects and where possible staffed by teachers of Core subjects. In Year 12 we will endeavour to provide students with access to subject staff where possible.

We would ask all students to bring their own work and equipment with them, including laptops, iPads or Chromebooks, if they can. This equipment must not be shared.

How will I know where to go?
Separate information on arrival times and locations has been sent to Year 10 and will be sent to Year 12 w/c 8 June. Students will be met by staff in the car parks and directed.

What arrangements are there for food and drink?
As our sessions are mornings only the Hub will not be open. Students should bring with them any drink or snack they require for break times.

Will students have access to resources?
Access to resources will be very limited due the possibility of sharing the same resource across multiple groups. We will provide resources such as Chromebooks, when we can ensure that appropriate hygiene measures are in place and can be maintained. 
Similarly the use of textbooks will be very limited.
We would ask all students to bring their own work and equipment with them, including laptops, iPads or Chromebooks, if they can.  Make sure that such items are fully charged. This equipment must not be shared.

Do students have to wear a face mask?
Government guidance is that face masks are only suggested on public transport and where social distancing cannot be maintained. Students will be allowed to wear a face mask if they wish, but will need to bring one with them.
Please note that from 15 June, face coverings will be mandatory on public transport.

Will I have to wear school uniform?
During this period of partial re-opening, students are not required to attend school in their uniform and expectations are the same as for school non-uniform days.   Student dress is expected to be appropriate for school.  Torn clothing, or clothing with offensive slogans will not be allowed. In addition short skirts or low tops are also not expected to be worn by students.  Our standard expectations for jewellery and make-up are still in operation.

Can I have my phone with me?
We recognise and understand that mobile phones are a very important tool at the moment to enable students to receive up to date information about Coronavirus.  Phones may also be used within school as a teaching tool to access learning materials.  

Can I get to my locker?
Initially no, we want to reduce movement around the school. We will make arrangements for students to collect items before the end of term.

What will you do if someone tests positive for coronavirus?
If a student or member of staff feels ill then they should not come into school.
If a student or member of staff falls ill whilst on site then we have procedures in place to isolate them and allow them to be collected. In this case we have appropriate procedures and supplies of PPE should they be required.
Should we have a positive case within the school community then we will follow the guidance from Public Health England. 

What will you do about cleaning in school?
We have increased the regularity of cleaning during the day of the areas of the school in use such as specific classrooms, toilets and corridors. Areas in use will be deep cleaned every day. Additional cleaning staff will be onsite.

Where can my child go for support if they are feeling anxious or concerned?
We recognise that this may be an anxious time for many of our students. Any member of staff on site is able to support students with pastoral issues. In addition there will always be a SSM on site and at least one of our Designated Safeguarding Team.

Can I meet my friends?
Students will be placed in groups of no more than 15 and must remain in those groups at all times. You will not be able to mix with students from other groups. Whilst in school, you must not meet other students who should not be on site.
Whilst away from home or school students must follow the current government guidance on meeting up and social distancing.

I am in Year 12, do I need to wear my lanyard?
No you do not.

I am in Year 12, can I leave the school premises during break times?
Students must remain on site for the whole morning session.

I am in Year 12, can I drive to school?
Yes you can. If you are planning to drive, please inform Mr Dodd so you can receive further instructions.

I have another specific question, who do I contact?
Please contact Mr Dodd ( for further guidance.


Government advice on staying alert and safe