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Sirius Talks

Highworth works closely with our Alumni network to offer career insights and mentoring to current students.

Every Tuesday during Terms 3 and 4, Alumni from a range of different career paths will either visit Highworth to offer advice and guidance to students from all Year Groups or will provide a video about their chosen pathway to share with our students. Students will be kept informed of Tuesday Talks via email.

These talks and other information supplied are arranged to offer a greater insight into all that is available to you when you embark on your journey after Highworth.

Other talks organised range from Oxbridge admissions tutors, local employers, to the armed forces.

It is important that you check and read your emails to ensure you do not miss out on these to help you with your future choices.

Ex-students can join our Alumni network by clicking here.     

If you are a friend of Highworth or someone in the community who would like to be part of our growing network and create a video for our students about your own career pathway, you can now also join our Alumni above, ensuring you make it clear you are a 'friend' not a past student.


Any further questions, please contact our Careers Lead on: