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CXK is a charity which supports children, young people and adults across Kent delivering support, advice and guidance to help people progress into meaningful employment, education and training. The aim is to maximise potential and help students achieve their aspirations. The school has strong links with various outside organisations to ensure that the information and guidance available to students is up to date and relevant as possible. With strong links with CXK, advice can be given on alternatives to university and a whole array of other opportunities.

Students can arrange an impartial Careers Interview with CXK by speaking with their SSM who will then contact Miss Hodges for a referral.

Impartial advice can also be accessed here from the National Careers Service.

Any training providers offering technical education qualifications or apprenticeships who would like to speak to students can do so at the Sixth Form Open Evening (Post 16) or the Year 9 Curriculum Evening (Post 14). In order to book a slot, please email Miss Hodges.

Miss Hodges can be contacted by emailing