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Pastoral Overview

The pastoral system at Highworth embodies the school motto ‘Reach for the Stars’ and we promote a community where all members are:

  • Reflective: creative and innovative
  • Eager: for life-long learning
  • Aiming: to achieve their full potential
  • Considerate: confident, independent individuals
  • Happy: in a caring, respectful community

Learning Communities

Highworth has seven Learning Communities, all named after leading female musicians, artists and composers.

  • Amy Beach                
  • Clara Schumann                   
  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Jacqueline du Pré
  • Kiri Te Kanawa
  • Nina Simone
  • Vanessa Mae

Various events take place over the school year to build Community spirit. These include a Community Day at the beginning of September, various inter-Community quizzes and competitions, music, drama and sports events.


Who’s who in the Pastoral System?


Director of Learning (DoL)

The DoL is the leader of the Community, promoting its identity and overseeing the staff and students within the Community. They monitor student academic progress and welfare within school to support students in fulfilling their potential. The Director of Learning will also liaise with parents where necessary.


Student Support Manager (SSM)

The SSM focuses on students who need more particular support than the Mentor can offer in order to thrive at Highworth. This could be due to health issues, a period of absence, a family bereavement or other issues at home which might affect a student. The Student Support Manager will liaise with relevant staff, parents, the Director of Learning and any necessary external agencies. The Student Support Manager also oversees the transition from primary to secondary school or from school to school if a student joins at a different point in the school year. 


Sixth Form Team

Students in the Sixth Form have their own Sixth Form Team which fulfils the roles above. In the case of ongoing health issues, the SSM remains the link person to contact.

Please click here for Sixth Form contacts.



This is the teacher who knows their mentees best within the school and students remain with the same Mentor for their seven year school journey. Their role is to mentor and coach students to enable them to articulate their concerns and aspirations, to fulfil their potential in their learning and to support them in reaching their long term goals. The Mentor also promotes team spirit within school, the REACH values and good citizenship beyond school.


Peer Mentors

These are trained Sixth Form students who are available to support younger students with any issues that concern them regarding specific subjects, homework, developing good study habits and revision, friendship and general well-being issues. 


Subject Teachers

Please note – should you have a query or concern regarding a lesson or specific subject please contact the subject teacher or Head of Department in the first instance.

Please click here to access the subject pages and further contact details.


What other support is in place?


Vertical tutoring

These are 25 minute sessions, held daily, promoting positive social interactions across different Year Groups, mentoring guidance and an opportunity to explore issues arising from Focus Days. Students generally keep the same Mentor for their seven years at Highworth.


Focus Days

These are ‘off timetable’ days that allow students to focus in depth, often with visiting speakers, on issues ranging from careers, sex and relationships education, health, financial and economic awareness to study skills and driver awareness training.

For further information, please follow this link.


The Reach Programme (Year 9)

The programme is designed to develop the wider skills of students that we know will be essential for lifelong learning. Students will be introduced the .b Mindfulness course which we hope will give students further strategies for tackling the stresses of modern day life. A language skills course and a chance to take part in some further physical activity also form part of the programme.


External Agencies

Signposting is offered to external agencies for bespoke, in-depth support. Examples include:


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