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Awarding Summer 2021 Results

The Summer 2021 grades for Year 11 and Year 13 will be available on:

  • A Level Results Day which is Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • GCSE Results Day which is Thursday 12 August 2021

The following guides are attached at the bottom of this page and hyperlinked below to offer further support and guidance on the process:


Appeals Process

If you are concerned that your grade is incorrect, there is a formal appeals process you can follow.

Please read the advice and guidance booklets carefully which will outline the procedure in full.

Please be aware, on appeal your grade may go down, up or stay the same.  

In the first instance, you should complete the Stage One – Centre Review Form (attached at the bottom of the page and hyperlinked here), which should be emailed to The school will then undertake administrative and procedural checks to verify the grade. 

Following this review, if you still think your grade is incorrect, you can move to a Stage Two review and appeal to the exam board. Once you have completed the relevant sections of the form, you should return it to the school to forward to the relevant examination board.

You should consider carefully if appealing is the right course of action for you. An appeal will only be successful if either an error is found; or if the grade awarded or the selection of evidence are found to be an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement. If you are unsatisfied with the exam board’s decision, a final route of appeal will be available via Ofqual’s Exam Procedure Review Services. The deadline for submitting an appeal is 17 September.

If your university place is at risk, please ensure you indicate that the appeal is a PRIORITY APPEAL.  You will need to include your UCAS number as part of the application for us to process the appeal



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