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Student Voice

The purpose of Student Voice is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them in and around school. The focus is to give every student a voice in the running of their school and to take responsibility for all aspects of school life. Put simply, Student Voice is a force for improving Highworth for all.



Having a Student Voice helps us to improve aspects of our school community by exercising students' rights and allowing them to accept responsibility for their environment. Their discussions and decisions help to inform improvements to the school learning environment.



Student Voice is run by and for the students. The Head Girl and Head Boy, working alongside the rest of the Senior Prefect Team, chair and minute each termly meeting. They then report directly to the Headteacher and the Governors. Each Mentor Group nominates one Student Voice representative, who speaks at the meeting on their behalf.  


What did Student Voice Achieve in 2019/20?

In the last academic year, Student Voice had a significant role in the following outcomes:

  • Taking part in strategies and discussions to improve mental health provision in the school and wider community
  • Pushing for and championing the improvements to the Gower House car park
  • Improving recycling provision across the school
  • Offering feedback to improve the mentoring and reporting systems
  • Student Governor representation
  • KCC Student Council representation
  • Participating in staff interviews
  • Providing more spaces for student information around the school
  • Advocating for more specific representation and playing an integral role in the creation of the Student Equality Team
  • Consultation with the Hub catering management company to improve facilities, prices and food.