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Being part of one of the seven Learning Communities is an integral part of Sixth Form life at Highworth Grammar School. Your Director of Learning and Community Captain will be organising Community events throughout the year and your participation as part of a Mentor Group is part and parcel of life in our school. As a Sixth Former, you will be expected to contribute to the positive ethos of your Learning Community in a variety of ways. This may include the responsibility of leading Mentor sessions. Your other mentees will look to you for guidance and inspiration! Your Mentor will be writing your UCAS reference and offering you advice and support throughout your time at Highworth.

Amy Beach: Director of Learning Mrs McCarthy: Community Colour: Yellow
Clara Schumann: Director of Learning Mrs Ferris: Community Colour: Black and White
Evelyn Glennie: Director of Learning Mr G Ferris: Community Colour: Orange
Jacqueline Du Pré: Director of Learning Mr J Conway: Community Colour: Blue
Kiri te Kanawa: Director of Learning Miss C Timmins: Community Colour: Purple
Nina Simone: Director of Learning Mr D Freear: Community Colour: Red
Vanessa Mae: Director of Learning Miss J Ventress: Community Colour: Green