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Posted on: April 2nd 2019

Time Capsule Ceremony

Our time capsule was placed on the Sports Hall site on Tuesday 2 April by representatives from all of the Learning Communities: Nadya South (7EG), Tanya Gupta (8JP), Elvie Sunny (9VM), Kiera Broadbank (10AB), Lauren Parr (10NS), Lauren Hone (12KK) and Catherine Knight (13CS). Beardwell Construction have been working closely with the school on the Sports Hall project and the company provided the time capsule to mark this collaboration.  Since September, students have been creating items and records that depict their lives and activities at the school. Photographs and letters to future generations of students have been included. Deputy Headteacher, Douglas Hall, said, “It is hoped that the time capsule will remain hidden away until it is discovered in 20 or 30 years.”

The Sports Hall Image Gallery has been updated again with great photographs from our Year 13 photographer, David Hawkins. Do take a look at the latest images.

Click here for the full Image Gallery



Also in the News

  • 10:28 AM - 3rd Jul 2019 Year 7 Taster Days collection information Please remember to collect your daughter at 3.15pm today and tomorrow. Parking is available in the Gower House car park. Please make your way to the field next to the Hall and the students will be brought out to this area to meet you.
  • 01:35 PM - 24th Jun 2019 Please note that the pick-up point for the Ypres Trip on Thursday is now at the Ashford International Hotel car park (near Sainsburys.) Please note you will not be able to collect your daughter from the school. Thank you.
  • 02:08 PM - 12th Jun 2019 Dear Parents/Carers Due to the continuing wet weather, the field entrance and exit remain unsuitable for cars so the Quantock Drive gate needs to remain shut this afternoon. Please use your alternative collection arrangements. Many thanks
  • 09:53 AM - 10th Jun 2019 Due to the recent rain, the school field is unsuitable for parking at the moment. The gates to Quantock Drive will be closed today and most likely tomorrow. Please follow your back up plans for meeting your daughter/son today and tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 02:51 PM - 5th Jun 2019 Car Parking as normal today. Arrangements for picking up students will be reviewed on a daily basis due to the unpredictability of the weather! Thank you for your understanding.