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Posted on: May 15th 2018

Groundbreaking at Highworth!

Highworth staff and students attended a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday 9 May to celebrate the beginning of the new Sports Hall project. The Headteacher, Mr Danielsen, dug the first shovel of earth to mark the start of this exciting new development for the school. He was keen to impress upon the staff and students that commitment to regular sporting activity is important for health but also to develop leadership skills of teamwork and resilience.

The event was attended by Vicki Wise, representing the school governors, who worked hard with the architects, Ingleton Wood, to secure the necessary funding. Ingleton Wood produced the contemporary design and they will be overseeing the project for the duration of the build. The school will benefit from a bespoke sporting venue with modern design features, such as thermowood exterior cladding, sprung floors, four courts and a terrace overlooking the school’s playing field.

The ceremony was hosted on-site by the Managing Director of Beardwell Construction, Duncan Clark, Project Manager, Stuart Drake and Contracts Manager, Paul Watling. A tour of the site included an explanation of the next stages of the project to ensure that disruption to the normal running of the school is minimised. 

The Head of Physical Education, Louise Cassey, said: “We are excited that our new Sports Hall will be ready for action in February 2019. This modern facility will give our students an excellent opportunity to train hard, practise skills and enjoy a wider range of recreational sporting activities.”





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Posted on: 12/05/2018

Sixth Form Key Dates:

Monday 4 June: Year 13 study leave begins Tuesday 5 June: Year 12 return to school Tuesday 26 June: last opportunity for Year 13 to return all books for deposit return 1.30-3.30pm Wednesday 27 June: 2pm Year 13 Leavers’/Prize afternoon Thursday 28 June : Year 12 Focus Day (Post 18 pathways) Friday 29 June: Year 12 Taster Day 8.45-3.35pm Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 July: TEFL course Thursday 5 July: Higher Education Evening 7.00pm Thursday 16 August: A Level Results Day Thursday 23 August: GCSE Results Day/Sixth Form Enrolment Tuesday 4 September: Year 12 Induction Day The day will begin at 11.00am in the Hall and will finish at 3.35pm. Lunch will be provided. Normal lessons begin on Wednesday 5 September at 8.45am   RESULTS DAY and ENROLMENT: Thursday 23 August Existing Highworth Students: Following the collection of your results, please go the Staff Room to enrol into Year 12. You will be asked to confirm your A Level subject choices. Please enrol before 11.00am. New Highworth Students who have been made an offer of a place: Please come to the Staff Room between the hours of 12.00pm-3.00pm to enrol. You will be asked to confirm your A Level subject choices and to submit your completed enrolment forms that you will receive on Taster Day. Please bring your GCSE results and your passport or birth certificate. All applicants who have been offered a place and have met the entry requirements as per their offer letter, must enrol on Thursday 23 August in order to secure a place in our Sixth Form. If you are not able to do this in person, please email Mr Donovan, Deputy Head of Sixth Form Your offer of a place will be withdrawn if you have not contacted us by 3.30pm on Thursday 23 August. Please note that any changes to your A Level choices are subject to availability and it may not be possible to confirm this on enrolment day.          
Posted on: 24/04/2018

Superstars, Term 4

Congratulations to all our Term 4 Superstars!    GOLD     Elsie Archibald 7 AB/CMI Oliwia Cholewa 7 AB/DSA Paulina Paradowska 7 AB/AAT Eleni Hoadley 9 CS/DHO Jess Kirkham 7 JP/MAB Hollie Bozeat 9 JP/CSH Charlotte Giles 12 NS/SCO Lana Siddiq 7 VM/SSO   SILVER     Honey Ahmad 7 AB/GDA Imogen Blake 7 AB/PMC Methlinie Dasanayake 7 AB/AAT Emily Dillon 7 AB/AMI Poppy Escott 7 AB/CMI Sarah Joseph 7 AB/BWH-SWA Frankie Morrissey 7 AB/PMC Tamara Mpanga-Sempa 7 AB/GDA Hetvi Patel 7 AB/DSA Prasansha Rai 7 AB/AAT Alice Tapley 7 AB/ALC-LPE Emilie Evans 8 AB/AMI Iksa Limbu 8 AB/RRI Katie Baldwin 9 AB/BWH-SWA Deanna Goonewardene 9 AB/CMI Emily Luckhurst 9 AB/DSA Jae Villahermosa 9 AB/GDA Tina Beck 7 CS/SBR-STM Erin Benstead 7 CS/LRO Izzie Carvill 7 CS/LCA Zoe Dodd 7 CS/LCA Esther Harper 7 CS/DBO Katherine Oladipupo 7 CS/SBR-STM Livvy Parkhouse 7 CS/LRO Freya Burns 8 CS/SBR-STM Anna Milnes 8 CS/DHO Katie Mummery 8 CS/JMC Abigail Roberts 8 CS/DBO Iggi Ross-Smith 8 CS/LRO Alice Chandler 9 CS/DHO Alicia Grimmond 9 CS/LCA Shreya Kharel 9 CS/DBO Stella Slater 9 CS/DHO Jess Kirkham 7 JP/MAB Lara Mintrim 7 JP/MAB Jess Mitchell 7 JP/JLA-ELP Lily Tuting 7 JP/JLA-ELP Sophia Vasu 7 JP/DAL Lou Bone 8 JP/JLA-ELP Sienna Green 8 JP/PKE Elizabeth Kiernan 8 JP/JLA-ELP Hollie Bozeat 9 JP/CSH Gemma Leigh Bohnn 9 JP/PKE Hollie Bozeat 9 JP/CSH Paula Elmslie 9 JP/NMC May-Ying Tang 9 JP/JLA-ELP Kaia Ainslie 7 KK/DKE Lily Coles 7 KK/SMC-NDS Ruby-Rose Ferreira 7 KK/SRI-ACH Erin Moloney 7 KK/SMC-NDS Nina Smith 7 KK/EDO-CBA Hayley Sweeney 7 KK/SRI-ACH Jocasta Chu 8 KK/JJE-KRI Lily Couchman 8 KK/JBI Immi Fox 8 KK/DKE Siena Barr 9 KK/JJE-KRI Olivia Hutchinson 9 KK/LWE Theresa Mackey 9 KK/JJE-KRI Ella Cradock 10 KK/FMC Izzy Constantinou-Nash 7 NS/NKI-ALO Julia Ellul 7 NS/EWH-GBO Gemma Pocknell 7 NS/RCO Cordelia Smithers 7 NS/SCO Betsey Bowden 8 NS/SCO Carenza Norman 8 NS/EWH-GBO Ella Down 9 NS/SCO Hannah Rolfe 10 NS/EWH-GBO Yasmin Sadler-Reeves 10 NS/EWH-GBO Zoe Coles 12 NS/RCO Olivia Thirkell 12 NS/SCO Alice Green 7 VM/MSA Amelia King 7 VM/JCL Amelie Williams 7 VM/SSO Annamaria Gavril 7 VM/NSP Faiha Zafreen 7 VM/DBR Fern Prior 7 VM/SSO Isioma Egede 7 VM/IPI Keira Ball 7 VM/NSP Libby Palmer 7 VM/IPI Rachel Ollis 7 VM/DBR Zoe Pethick 8 VM/AWE Courtney Smith 8 VM/JCL Alexandra McCarthy 9 VM/AWE Elizabeth Ollis 9 VM/JCL   BRONZE     Isabelle Luckhurst 7 AB/ALC-LPE Angel Mody 7 AB/ALC-LPE Shannon Stickels 7 AB/ALC-LPE Sara Swerczyk 7 AB/GDA Sophie Alexander 8 AB/AAT Kritima Gurung 8 AB/GDA Esme James 8 AB/ALC-LPE Angie Kambang 8 AB/AAT Chloe Love 8 AB/AMI Frankie Stannard 8 AB/GDA Zoe Tangen 8 AB/GDA Rosie Frost 9 AB/GDA Ciya Jijo 9 AB/AMI Catherine Oyugi 9 AB/ALC-LPE Michaela Baldwin 10 AB/GDA Eden Berry 10 AB/RRI Emma Bingham 10 AB/BWH-SWA Damaris Kuriah 10 AB/AMI Sophiya Rai 10 AB/ALC-LPE Rachel Sheppard 11 AB/AAT Sophie Bellamy 7 CS/JMC Lyla Benstead 7 CS/DBO Jessica Chauvel 7 CS/JCN Lily Dines 7 CS/DHO Bethan Hydes 7 CS/DHO Kyra Johnson 7 CS/LRO Libby Poole 7 CS/JCN Shelly Thomas 7 CS/LRO Elena Thondickal 7 CS/MOR Liv Tierney 7 CS/JMC Lucy Tipping 7 CS/SBR-STM Pip Wilson 7 CS/SBA Isobelle Bowers 8 CS/SBA Ashna Bhandari 8 CS/SBA Anisha Gurung 8 CS/SBR-STM Izzy Haskell 8 CS/MOR Sofia Herwin-Benito 8 CS/DBO Gene Kingham 8 CS/LCA Kayleigh Panther 8 CS/LRO Jess Payne 8 CS/LRO Devina Raykova 8 CS/LCA Jessica Stuttle 8 CS/MOR Prasanna Thapa 8 CS/JMC Scarlett Vavasour 8 CS/SBA Yasmin Williams 8 CS/MOR Grace Pitman 10 CS/DHO Parina Rai 10 CS/SBA Tasha Cooke 12 CS/JCN Jade Good 12 CS/DHO Charlotte McNeill 12 CS/DHO Lottie Bell 7 JP/MAB Mia Buckman 7 JP/CSH Megan Green 7 JP/NMC Megan Hope 7 JP/CSH Amal Joji 7 JP/RGA Annabelle MacLean 7 JP/BHU Sienna Pithers 7 JP/PKE Onnee Porter 7 JP/AOW-PFO Katy Pudney 7 JP/AOW-PFO Riya Raju 7 JP/MAB Daisy Baker 8 JP/JLA-ELP Imogen Cox 8 JP/MAB Rebecca Finn 8 JP/DAL Francesca Gibbons 8 JP/RGA Benita Justy 8 JP/DAL Ruby Knight 8 JP/AOW-PFO Charlotte Legg 8 JP/NMC Tyra Mead-Drabble 8 JP/CSH Emily Oram 8 JP/PKE Amelia Rudzinski 8 JP/NMC Anesa Thapa 8 JP/JLA-ELP Anna Tomlinson 8 JP/BHU Emily Towill 8 JP/RGA Olivia Towill 8 JP/AOW-PFO Keira Chisnall 9 JP/AOW-PFO Amy Lund 9 JP/JLA-ELP Phoebe Mowat 9 JP/PKE Lucy Pearson 9 JP/RGA Alex Skendros 9 JP/BHU Alice Williams 9 JP/BHU Jade Yu 9 JP/MAB Hemali Chintakuntla 10 JP/JLA-ELP Sophie George 10 JP/CSH Sophie Baxter 11 JP/CSH Dani Keep 11 JP/PKE Joe Turner 12 JP/PKE Lilly Burton 7 KK/EDO-CBA Abi Maher 7 KK/JBI Jaiden Nicholson 7 KK/DKE Rubisa Rai 7 KK/SGE Spriha Rai 7 KK/FMC Alishia Sam 7 KK/JJE-KRI Kaela Turner 7 KK/JBI Bella Wood 7 KK/SMC-NDS Christie Yau 7 KK/FMC Bella Cregg-Griffin 8 KK/JBI Millie Dixon 8 KK/SRI-ACH Cora Hannaford 8 KK/FMC Megan Heard 8 KK/EDO-CBA Asha Lacey 8 KK/SMC-NDS Callie Martin 8 KK/DKE Erin Reeves 8 KK/SGE Liya Spencer 8 KK/EDO-CBA Emelia Bridge 9 KK/SRI-ACH Angelina Cecil 9 KK/LWE Rosie Creighton 9 KK/FMC Kirsty Hartley 9 KK/JJE-KRI Hannah MacDonald 9 KK/SRI-ACH Theresa Mackey 9 KK/JJE-KRI Sarah Makolli 9 KK/EDO-CBA Phoenix Brown 10 KK/EDO-CBA Freya Burgess 10 KK/LWE Bethan Gubb 10 KK/DKE Katie Snelling 10 KK/SMC-NDS Megan Batey 7 NS/RCO June Baylis 7 NS/SJU Carrie Chan 7 NS/JUB-LBA Ellie Chandler 7 NS/NKI-ALO Callie Darnley 7 NS/SJU Garima Gurung 7 NS/EWH-GBO Scarlett Hall 7 NS/GFE Poppy Hilleard 7 NS/JUB-LBA Olivia Leader 7 NS/GFE Olivia Tombs-Hills 7 NS/SWI Georgie Wagstaff 7 NS/RCO Paige Ward 7 NS/MWI Erin Batey 8 NS/SWI Charlie Britt 8 NS/RCO Ams Button-Heather 8 NS/SJU Abbie Hollyer 8 NS/SCO Milly Hussain 8 NS/SWI Ellie Hussain 8 NS/GFE Nancy James 8 NS/SJU Sarah Mileham 8 NS/RCO Amelie Roden 8 NS/EWH-GBO Mia Russell 8 NS/JUB-LBA Hollie Carr 9 NS/MWI Jazz Courtland-Wright 9 NS/NKI-ALO Rachael Dawes 9 NS/RCO Katie Entwistle 9 NS/GFE Mia Fulker 9 NS/EWH-GBO Flora Mattocks 9 NS/SCO Kanchan Rai 9 NS/RCO Esme Savidge 9 NS/SCO Acacia Tombs-Hills 9 NS/EWH-GBO Rosie Williams 9 NS/MWI Nikki Yeung 9 NS/NKI-ALO Bella Bowden 10 NS/JUB-LBA Neve Cherry 10 NS/GFE Shalah Dodds 10 NS/SJU Phoebe Long 10 NS/GFE Ella Saxby 10 NS/RCO Devika Sunil 10 NS/GFE Madura Lokesh 11 NS/SCO Eva Norris 12 NS/EWH-GBO Maddy Payne 12 NS/SJU Jesika Rai 12 NS/SCO Albert Winch 12 NS/NKI-ALO Amelia Smith 7 VM/NSP Isobelle Stevens 7 VM/JCL Janiya Sony 7 VM/SSO Millie Appleton 7 VM/JMR Samira Thapa 7 VM/AWE Gabby Crawley 8 VM/MSA Chloe Fletcher 8 VM/AWE Zoe Giles 8 VM/SSO Maddie Hall 8 VM/JMR Ellie Hughes 8 VM/HNA Zaina Kashif 8 VM/DBR Warda Khandaker 8 VM/MSA Myiesha Loan 8 VM/JCL Emily Sharpe 8 VM/HNA Oriana Shirley 8 VM/IPI Camilla Smith 8 VM/SSO Rachel Traves 8 VM/AWE Vanessa Barbu 9 VM/SSO Jess Fabian 9 VM/HNA Cai Forbes 9 VM/NSP Alice Robey-Cave 9 VM/HNA Gaby Strover 9 VM/IPI Emily Woollcott 9 VM/DBR Millie Bowles 10 VM/MSA Jadyn Lansana 10 VM/JMR Laxmi Thileepan 10 VM/JMR Abigail West 10 VM/JCL Libby Ley 11 VM/IPI Amy Hortal 12 VM/NSP Charlotte Robinson 12 VM/NSP  
  • 03:48 PM - 17th May 2018 SECONDARY TEACHING FOR MASTERY PROGRAMME - RECRUITING NOW FOR SECONDARY MASTERY SPECIALISTS For full details and application: Read more Deadline for application: Thursday 7th June 2018
  • 01:32 PM - 17th May 2018 Good luck to all our students who are taking their exams this Summer!
  • 10:10 AM - 11th May 2018 NEW JOB Head of Science: Read more
  • 02:59 PM - 10th May 2018 Congratulations to Miss Cassey who has been selected to play for the England over 35 hockey team for the Masters World Cup this summer. We are very proud of our Head of PE! Good luck to the whole team!
  • 02:07 PM - 9th May 2018 Mr Danielsen turned the soil today with the first shovel of dirt to mark the beginning of the new Sports Hall project. Construction Team hosted a ground breaking ceremony for some of our students, senior staff and Vicki Wise, a school governor Read more